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Weekly Themed Solos 2 and

AW_FC's Lost Levels (weeks 9 - 21)

The journey continues...

Challenge Rules

After a bit of a break from the weekly solo challenges and a number of themed solo series and mini series, I thought I might return to the roots. While the challenges have gotten quite elaborate since the early days of this thread, it seems like sometimes, nothing beats a simple gold solo with minimal requirements and restrictions.


The Weekly Themed Solos 2.0 is a re-hatching of the series that started it all, over a year ago. I'll be adding a single solo every week and updating the HoF as often as I can. I'll try to keep things new and refreshing. Overall, these won't be as difficult as some of more recent series, in an attempt to also attract people who are relatively new to soloing or who want a different sort of challenge! These will also be good for those with a low rage-threshold such as myself.   


The difficulty options are: Veteran (Silver), Hardcore (Gold), Insanity (Platinum).


Challenge Rules:

- Screenshot required, vid encouraged

- Armored compartments not permitted on veteran or hardcore.

- Full extraction required on veteran and hardcore. Mission successful for platinum

- Objective modding not permitted


Have fun, and feel free to join the Themed Challenge Group!

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Bonus: Armax
Week 7
Week 8

Week 1 - VI Overlord

"When sent to investigate a Cerberus research base that's mysteriously gone silent, Shepard arrives to find Geth overrunning the base. The sole survivor, Chief Scientist Archer, paints a dire picture: an experiment to fuse a human volunteer with a virtual intelligence created a dangerous hybrid "VI overlord".


In this twist of Project Overlord, Shepard is able to find a way to hack into the VI overlord and gain control of just a single Geth. Perhaps this Geth will supplant the Master program...



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Glacier vs Geth

Character: Geth Infiltrator

Weapon: Geth Plasma Shotgun

Week 2 - Purgatory's Revenant

Once an enforcement officer on Palaven, the Turian Kuril grew deeply angered by the frequency of lost criminals and escaped convicts. He would venture to Omega and to the underworld of the Blue Suns. He would become obsessed with the notion of permanent imprisonment, without the slightest possibility of escape. His idea of a prison in space, of the ultimate purgatory, was born.


Meanwhile, he would climb the ranks of the Blue Suns organization. Ironically, he becomes a high ranking member of a not-so-law-abiding group while on his quest to capture and imprison high profile criminals on the dark space station. His methods are twisted as ethics and morality become a gray zone, a necessary step towards his ultimate goal. He would learn the strong influence of scare tactics.


As such, he would come across a true weapon of terror: an assault rifle named after the returned dead, an unholy, unnatural weapon that only few can afford and even fewer dare to wield. He felt himself the Warden of Purgatory and Death itself with the dark lord Revenant in arms. He would drown out the final cries of the criminals of this world with the roar of hell itself. He became the Warden of Purgatory. The warden of the Revenant.



Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Ghost vs Cerberus

Character: Turian Soldier

Weapon: M76- Revenant


Note: Warden Kuril has tech armor, however no biotic abilities, so I feel TSol is a better pick as compared to TSent, moreover, marksman + Revenant. Need I say more? Also, this is definitely a much tougher challenge than week 1, not for the faint of heart!

Week 3 - Jondum Bau, Spectre

Jondum Bau is a Salarian Spectre. He is one of the few. One of the best. He is an infiltrator with a strong moral compass who tries to eliminate corruption. He trailed Kasumi Goto, the Master Thief, for a long time. Nobody else was remotely capable of that task.


In a turn of events, he is eventually aided by Kasumi and Shepard, who provide intel of their own and assist in the capture of a criminal (an indoctrinated Hanar diplomat) responsible for attempting to unleash a virus directed towards the defense network of Kahje. The highly moral Bau decides to return the favor and assist Shepard in the war effort. He sends this message,


"From: Sender Blocked




My name is Jondum Bau. I'm with Special Tactics & Recon.


While some still have concerns about your past activities with Cerberus, many of us in ST&R took your warnings about the Reapers seriously. I'm reaching out to you because I have information that could tie agents with significant political power to the Reapers.


If you have time to meet me in the Citadel Embassy, I'd appreciate your discreet assistance.



Jondum Bau, STG, ST&R"



Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Jade vs Reapers

Character: Salarian Infiltrator

Weapon: M77-Paladin Heavy Pistol


Note: Jondum Bau likes his Paladin pistol. A hard earned Spectre Requisitions weapon.

Week 4 - A Short-lived, Vorchan Destiny

"Known for their unique biology and aggressive behavior, the Vorcha of Heshtok are a primitive race that live among the galaxy's darker and more dangerous locations, such as Omega. In 2185, some vorcha on Omega allied themselves with the Collectors, in an attempt to raise their quality of life. They hoped to become the rulers of Omega and deactivated the station's life support systems, intending to kill all of its inhabitants, except for themselves."


Some Vorcha followed suit, misguided by these rebel Vorcha. However, the rare, more intelligent Vorcha, often of the professional class, quickly realized their error. They tried to rectify their poor choice of alignment. In Anger, and despair, they returned to their savage roots, to what was deeply ingrained in the fabric of their being, and desired to exact savage revenge. As a last attempt to do well by their species, certain Vorcha turned on the Collectors.



Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Glacier Hazard vs Collectors, earn 20 headshots

Character: Vorcha Hunter Engineer

Weapon: Kishock Harpoon Gun

Week 5 - I Am Legion

"Little is known about the geth in the time between the Morning War and the present. The geth did not repopulate the now barren quarian worlds, instead choosing to exist in the computer hubs aboard massive space stations and extract needed resources from asteroids. They adopted an extremely isolationist attitude - any ships that ventured into geth space were immediately attacked and destroyed. While they prevented any contact by other races with themselves, the geth monitored communications and the extranet.


The geth continued development of new technology and variations of mobile platforms, separating their technology base from the rest of the galaxy. They obtained an ultimate goal in this time period - to create a Dyson Sphere-like object, which could house every single geth program.


Approximately three centuries after the Morning War, the geth were approached by the Reaper Nazara, also called Sovereign. It offered them technology that would aid them in achieving their goal, in exchange for their assistance in capturing the Citadel and letting the Reaper invasion begin. The majority of the geth dismissed the offer, deeming it better to accomplish their goal with their own technology rather than be dependent on another race’s technology. These geth discarded what they called the "superstitious title" of the Reapers, and simply called them the Old Machines."


The true geth became interested in Commander Shepard, as Shepard had defeated Nazara and the heretics. They commissioned a unique mobile platform, holding 1183 programs rather than the normal hundred or so, to operate independently and go looking for Shepard. This geth retraced Shepard’s footsteps, from Eden Prime to Virmire to Ilos, occasionally having to face the spawn of the old machines on its own. It did just fine. Its name was Legion.



Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Ghost vs Reapers, earn 20 headshots

Character: Geth Engineer

Weapon: Geth Sub Machine Gun (Piranha or Indra permitted for Platinum)


Note: This challenge goes out to ex-Clusum. Congrats on completing all original weekly challenges on Legendary difficulty. This is the challenge he chose for week 5! (I guess this means completing it on platinum as tribute!) 

Week 6 - Post-Traumatic Tiptree

The story of the tragedy of Tiptree goes something like this...


"Tiptree was a small human colony that was brutally attacked by a small Reaper force. An asari commando unit was dispatched to evacuate it shortly after the Reaper invasion began in 2186, gathering colonists from across the continent as husks and marauder scouts were landed. Most of the team was destroyed.


A survivor of the asari team, Aeian T'Goni, a Huntress, developed post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing the slaughter of human farmers by Neaira, a fellow asari commando who had been turned into a banshee during the evacuation. While Neaira slaughtered the farmers, an unarmed Aeian escaped to the hills with a human girl named Hilary.


The other surviving humans in the colony were rounded up by Reaper forces and held prisoner at a farmhouse. Hilary attempted to free them, but the captives had been indoctrinated and turned on her, breaking her leg. T'Goni was forced to kill the captives. She was also forced to kill Hilary, whose whimpering after breaking her leg threatened to give away their hiding spot.(yikes)"


Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Reactor vs Reapers, earn 50 biotic kills, *cannot die during objective waves*

Character: Asari Huntress

Weapon: Disciple Shotgun

Armax Bonus: Conrad Verner - Huge Fan!

Conrad Verner is arguably Commander Shepard's biggest fan. He manages to run into and somehow interfere with Shepard's business in each part of the series (as long as Shepard doesn't go renegade on him, which leads to his unfortunate and somewhat brutal, death - either by picking a fight with Turians and getting killed or by getting himself killed attempting to capture transient youths hitching a ride on top of a bus).


His underlying motives are undeniably innocent but his naivety makes him an easy target for those with nefarious intent. If Shepard is paragon enough and speaks to Conrad enough, he may even try to jump in front of a bullet to save Shepard's life. He also opens up about himself, revealing that he in fact has a doctoral degree in Xeno Science (his dissertation on Dark Energy can be used to help create the crucible!) and that he gave most of his money founding an orphanage and then trying to get all the kids off world when the Reapers hit.


During his/her battle with Clone Shepard, Commander Shepard will even say, "Conrad Verner is better at being me than you are!" Let's just say, Shep let his friends at Armax know about his friend Conrad Verner, and they created a special simulated battle scenario in his honor, open to all fans of Commander Shepard across the Galaxy. Fight with the heart of Dr. Conrad Verner!



Tier 1

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Glacier vs Cerberus

Character: Vanilla Human Male Soldier

Weapon: Cerberus Harrier + Acolyte


Tier 2

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Glacier vs Collectors

Character: Vanilla Human Male Soldier

Weapon: M7-Lancer


Tier 3

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Glacier Hazard vs Geth

Character: Vanilla Human Male Soldier

Weapon: M96-Mattock


Note: This bonus challenge goes out to AW_FC who had the idea of a tribute challenge to Conrad. Let's face it, we're all pretty much like Conrad Verner! The bonus symbol is achieved by completing any tier. All three tiers must be completed to be awarded the Conrad Verner Bonus Symbol Λ - Symbol used for Dark Energy.

Week 7 - Brimstone's Biotic God

"Jack, also known as Subject Zero, is a notorious criminal whose crimes include piracy, kidnapping, vandalism and murder. She is also a biotic, possibly one of the most powerful human biotics alive, and is considered so dangerous that she was kept in cryogenic stasis after she was caught."


During the Citadel DLC, Jack sends Shepard an message once the Normandy has been taken, asking him/her to join her in the Armax Arena. Apparently, she's got quite the reputation and fanbase going... When Shepard arrives, they have a two-round match against Elite Cerberus Troops in Brimstone. Once the Atlas Mech spawns, Jack takes it down herself. Let's be honest, she could have solo'd it.



Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Dagger vs Cerberus, earn 5 waves survived

Character: Vanilla Female Adept (Jack) must spec into shockwave

Weapon: Venom Shotgun and Paladin (Both)

Week 8 - Lord High Researcher

Fortack is the Lord High Researcher of the Clan Urdnot. His main interest is heavy weaponry with explosive effects. He is the owner of Fortack's Database on Tuchanka a company that adapts production according to the clan leader's plans. His focus varies from crop genetics and medicinal advances to destructive weapons. With Urdnot Wrex in command, Fortack is forced to concentrate on the "more frivolous" advances. Fortak would be in his element would Urdnot Reave be in power, a clan leader much more focused on war.


In this twist of the Mass Effect lore, The Collectors find their way to Tuchanka. And Fortak gets what he wants, unlimited resources and funding towards his weapons. He creates a suit able to unleash carnage as well as turn the user into the detonator himself. There isn't any way to get closer to an explosion than by detonating it with your own charging Krogan body! As for a weapon, Fortak felt that nothing out there currently beats the slow drain of a spike to the heart. He has to work on the efficacy of his explosive ammo.



Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Giant Hazard vs Collectors, don't get mawed.

Character: Krogan Vanguard

Weapon: Graal Spike Thrower


Note: Special thanks to AW_FC for the Fortak challenge idea and to ex-Clusum for noting the lack of a Kroguard solo!

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Lost Levels by AW_FC
Week 9
Week 10
Week 11
Week 12
Week 13
Bonus: Spectre
Week 14
Week 15
Week 16
Week 17
Week 18
Week 19
Week 20
Week 21

Week 9 - Bjorn Begins

We know Bjorn from the N7 III challenge, Ariake. But not much is known about his real origins. Volus legends tell only of an Irune-born Volus child of a rich family. When he had harnessed the full magnitude of his biotic abilities, it was time to show his power to the rest of the galaxy. The Geth were a real threat. What the Galaxy needed was a new hope...



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase White vs. Geth

Character: Volus Protector Vanguard

Weapon: Reegar Carbine (Bjorn discovers his love for Elkoss Combine later   )


Note: This one goes to Alfonsedode, for convincing me to write some of my own challenges. 

Week 10 - Wreak Havoc

Due to the Reapers´ overwhelming onslaught, the Turians took heavy losses on their home world Palaven and its moon. Nevertheless, the 26th Armiger Legion is still holding and defending the quadrant Condor. While Javik accompanies Commander Shepard, he brings back a long lost weapon to the strategy board: the Prothean Particle Rifle. With this “new” weapon, the time has come to turn the tide against the Reapers and to liberate Palaven.....



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Condor vs. Reaper

Character: Turian Havoc Soldier

Weapon: Prothean Particle Rifle


Note: This challenge goes out to TheTechnoTurian, who might be interested in some fat turian solo!  

Week 11 - The Widowmaker

Little is known about the quarian military strength. Recently, an Alliance listening post has intercepted a transmission from the Migrant fleet to a quarian special ops soldier, codename “The Widowmaker”. Although the transmission was decoded, Alliance analysts managed to decrypt some of the message.


“Migrant Fleet to Widowmaker:

[Encrypted] planet earth [Encrypted]. Cerberus [Encrypted] secret base. [Encrypted] London. [Encrypted] unnoticed  by the Reapers. [Encrypted] neutralise [Encrypted].


Keelah se´lai” [Transmission ended]



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase London vs. Cerberus

Character: Quarian Male Infiltrator

Weapon: M-98 Widow


Note: This challenge goes out to HeroicMass.

Week 12 - In Your Heart Shall Burn

After his secret deal with Aria, Gryll became the new vorchan Blood Pack Leader. In order to reclaim Omega, Aria has sent Gryll into the slums of Benning, to retrieve badly needed supplies for the oncoming assault on Omega. These supplies were hidden, after Omega fell under Cerberus command. While recovering the equipment, Collector troops appear, whereby showing a similar interest in those supplies.



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Ghost Hazard vs. Collectors

Character: Vorcha Sentinel

Weapons: Acolyte and Blood Pack Punisher (both)


Note: This challenge goes out to marksmad. As you can see, I really liked the name of the Dragon Age Inquisition quest.

Week 13 - Blue Shift

Anaya is employed as a detective of the Illium Law Enforcement, at a district police station. Commander Shepard met her during the recruitment of the Justicar Samara. In recent events, Geth were sighted in an Illium power plant, located in Nos Astria´s underground. A destruction of the facility would cause severe damage to the capital city. Not only the population would be driven into chaos, but also, Illium´s economy would take a tremendous beating. 



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Reactor Hazard vs. Geth

Character: Asari Vanguard

Weapon: M-358 Talon


Note: This challenge goes out to C73MKrauser aka Kirrahe Airlines CEO.

Bonus Challenge: Spectre

"Saren becomes gradually more concerned about the power of Sovereign's indoctrination, fearing that it might be affecting his behavior. At his base of operations on the remote tropical world of Virmire, which houses his krogan breeding facility, Saren adds a major lab complex to study the effects of indoctrination. He recruits scientists, such as Rana Thanoptis, and orders experiments to be performed on the salarians his forces captured from a recon and espionage team.


From the research, Saren discovers that the more control Sovereign exerted over an individual, the less capable they became. As long as Sovereign saw Saren as a useful resource, Saren believes his mind would still be his own. Saren convinces himself that Sovereign needs him to find the Conduit and that the Reaper would offer him a reprieve in return. Nevertheless, he grows afraid of indoctrination, suspecting that Sovereign might be manipulating his thoughts."


In this twist of the mass effect tale, Saren uncovers one of the Reapers secret projects, and the existence of the very first Collectors. This discovery will ultimately convince him of the Reapers' nefarious nature. He will finally understand his position as prime defender of galactic stability, as the Council's longest standing Spectre. He must wipe out this early abomination of a creation and survive to warn the Council.


Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Glacier Hazard vs. Collectors, Flawlessly (no medi-gel, no ops-packs, no rockets, no ammo clips used in game)

Character: Turian Sentinel

Weapon: M77- Paladin


Note: This is probably one of the toughest gold challenges I've made on the thread. Not for the weak-hearted! I think it's worthy of the title though. Good luck, soldiers! Vid if possible, otherwise in game screenshots will do!

Week 14 - Explosives Are A Woman´s Best Friend

Never send a boy to do a woman's job. Annaka Mackenzie is a premier N7 demolitions expert and also the older sister of the Mackenzie, who appeared in the Themed Duo challenges. Annaka was trained in the construction and maintenance of heavy weaponry and demolitions. She masterminded over 20 covert structure hits against the Reapers in less than a half year and advises the System Alliance Board on Amphibious Arms Deployment.


Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Rio vs. Reapers

Character: N7 Demolisher

Weapons: N7 Typhoon and Arc Pistol (both)


Note: This challenge goes out to Smehur. Notice that the story background was inspired by the first Unreal Tournament and the challenge name by Dragon Age: Origins.

Week 15 - Survive

Warlord Okeer was a militant radical who was so ruthless and fanatical that even his own people turned on him. He intended to perfect his species by experimenting with genetics. Okeer worked alongside Jedore of the Blue Suns to breed new types of krogan in breeding tanks on Korlus. They should represent the “perfect krogan”, who lack the genophage and who lack the “weak genes” bred into the krogan population. The vast majority of Okeer's specimens were failures and they should serve in Jedore´s army. After Jedore´s defeat, the so-called Krogan Berserkers were left behind. Their only purpose is to survive the enemy that threatens all of their kind...



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Giant vs. Reaper

Character: Krogan Vanilla Sentinel

Weapons: M-11 Wraith


Note: This challenge goes out to Loufi. The Krogan Soldier may be more similar to the Krogan Berserker due to Carnage, but we didn´t have a Krogan Sentinel solo yet. Besides, some Berserkers might have Incinerate instead of Carnage.

Week 16 - Pinnacle Station

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another Armax Arena Special! The Armax Arena is popular place among the citizens of the Citadel. It´s a place where you can spend your evening after a long day at work. We're a family here at Armax, and this weekend, we would like to say a big thanks to all of our loyal members with a great attraction: a sequel, of sorts, to the legendary Blasteroid competition.


We consulted our reigning leaderboard champion, Mr. Barla Von, the legend, himself, on the challenge specifics. This challenge is a throwback to the combat simulator that we at Armax aspired to be in our early days, the one and only, the original combat simulator: Pinnacle Station. Not to worry loyal fans, we did decide against using Mr. Von's suggested Shuriken as primary weapon, due to our policy of no weapon repeats in major competitions (phew). Enjoy folks and thank you!



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Ghost vs. Collectors

Character: Volus Engineer

Weapons: Collector SMG


Note: This challenge goes out to capn223.


This challenge was a collaboration between AW_FC and Prestacious, who has a soft spot for the Armax specials! Thanks guys and enjoy!

Week 17 - Weapon Test

Admiral Daro'Xen vas Moreh is a member of the quarian admirality board and is also known for her keen scientific interest in the geth. She likes to create anti-synthetic countermeasures and weapons that might lead to the defeat of the geth and recapturing the quarian home world Rannoch.


When the Alliance designed the Black Widow, Xen found, that it is the ideal weapon to take out geth from long range. After some modifications, it was time for a field test against the arch enemy....



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Hydra vs. Geth

Character: Quarian Female Infiltrator

Weapons: Black Widow


Note: This challenge goes out to Zachoida.

Week 18 - Mordus Revolutions

They thought he was dead. They thought he was forgotten. They thought he would never interfere with their plans again.

They thought wrong.


A dark, twisted tale exists in Salarian culture. Some consider it a cautionary tale, others consider it a hero's mantra. Most choose to ignore it as it stirs feelings of anger and hatred and clouds vision..


No one knows whether the protagonist (or is it antagonist?) truly exists or whether he is some hopeful creation of the collective Salarian community that opposes all that is Cerberus.


He is known as Sur'Kesh Venith Talat Mal Soru Got Fasa Mordus. He is the vanguard of destruction to Cerberus.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Vancouver vs. Cerberus

Character: Salarian Engineer

Weapons: Venom Shotgun


Note: This challenge is another collaboration between AW_FC and Pres and goes out to Kaxas92 aka Salarian Jesus for all his work in the Mordus mini-series.

Week 19 - The Smash Brothers

After the defection of many Phoenix operatives, some of them founded a small mercenary organisation called “The Smash Brothers”. They offer military assistance to whoever is able to afford them, for a reasonable fee.


Currently one of their operatives was hired by the Alliance to secure the communication hub on Ontarum following a recent Cerberus attack on the installation.



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Dagger Hazard vs. Collectors

Character: Human Phoenix Adept or Vanguard

Weapons: M7-Lancer


Note: This challenge goes out to TheNightSlasher, who wanted a smashbro challenge.

Week 20 - Arrhythmia

The Compact is a debt of gratitude that the drell owe the hanar. The Hanar rescued them from total extinction. The Drell fulfill the Compact by completing tasks that the Hanar find difficult, such as combat. In an earlier operation, the Hanar send the best three Drell operatives of the Kahje military to complete some critical tasks. It seemed that the operation was a full success, at first. But the enemy was stronger than expected. Scouts are reporting a remaining Collector infestation in the Goddess laboratory on Thessia. Equipped with more powerful weapons, it is up to the Drell again, to eliminate every resistance. 



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Goddess vs. Collectors

Character: Drell Adept

Weapons: Venom Shotgun


Note: This challenge goes out to ex-Clusum. A big thanks to Kaxas (Salarian Jesus) and TheNightSlasher for the challenge idea. This challenge is a revival of the Compact challenge series, made by Prestacious. 

Week 21 - The Alpha and Omega

Word is, that nothing can withstand the power of a Geth Infiltrator with a Javelin. After the geth were freed of the Reapers influence by Commander Shepard, they began to support the Alliance by attacking several key locations, controlled by the Reapers or Cerberus. Every encounter of a Geth Infiltrator marked the begin and the end of a victorious battle. The galaxy shall know that the geth helped to restore the peace throughout the universe.



Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase White Hazard vs. Cerberus

Character: Geth Infiltrator

Weapon: Javelin


Note: This challenge goes out to Prestacious for all his efforts during the last months in creating this thread, the Themed Duo Challenges and the Themed Challenge group.

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