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Themed Duo Challenges 1

Challenge Rules

Sometimes it's better to share the burden.

The themed solo challenge thread has been such a privilege to do and be a part of. So, when Hendrix suggested someone make a duo challenge thread, I couldn't resist!

Moreover, soloing regularly is a surefire way to burn out. Many others don't enjoy soloing at all. This thread hopefully will offer a different modality for challenges. A mode that the soloing regulars can enjoy and one that will also attract new participants! Duos can be really fun!   

This is also a really great group of players. Feel free to join the group and take part in the discussion, and offer suggestions for challenges!

Challenge Rules

Veteran difficulty:


- Mission successful on silver required

- Armored compartments not permitted

- Missiles only permitted on objective waves. Not on extraction.

* See below for exceptions and modifications.

Hardcore difficulty:

- Mission Successful on Gold required
- Armored compartments not permitted
- Missiles only permitted on objective waves. Not on extraction.


Insanity difficulty: 

- Mission Successful on Platinum required
- Armored compartments not permitted

Note: 10 Waves survived and 3 killstreaks count as personal gold medals for both players. Additional conditions will be stated in individual challenges.


Adjustments in individual challenge requirements for veteran difficulty only:

- All 75 weapon requirements are dropped to 50 weapon kills

- For Still We hold the Line and Power in Creation, 4 gold medal reqs dropped to 3 gold medals

- For Meandering of Mordus, Illusive Defeat, Mars Archives and Spinzone, 3 golds dropped to 2 gold medals

- For Surviving Haestrom, Still We Hold The Line, N7's Finest and Ardat-Yakshi, 50 assists req dropped to 25 assists

Set 1 - Bloodlines
The Measure of an Individual
Power in Creation

I. The Measure of an Individual

Thane and his son Kolyat Krios have a rare opportunity to fight for the Universe, side by side, against a threat previously only rumored about, near Omega Station, in Sahrabarik.

Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Ghost
- Hardcore (Gold): 20 headshots medal (each), 5 waves survived
- Insanity (Plat): 20 headshots medal (each), 3 waves survived

Characters & weapons:
-Drell Assassin Infiltrator (Kolyat): M11-Suppressor and N7-Valiant (both)
-Drell Adept (Thane): M9-Tempest and N7-Valiant (Both)

This challenge goes out to bgsam

II. Power in Creation

Matriarch Benezia, Liara's mother said once, "You do not know the privilege of being a mother. There is power in creation. To shape a life… turn it toward happiness or despair…." In this twist of the tale, Liara and her mother, the Matriarch fight alongside instead of against one another.

Conditions: Combat Geth on Firebase White
- Hardcore (Gold): 50 biotic kills (each), 4 personal gold medals (each)
- Insanity (Platinum): 50 Biotic kills (each), 3 personal gold medals (each)

Characters & weapons:
- Asari Vanguard (Benezia): Disciple Shotgun and Acolyte (Both)
- Asari Adept - Not Justicar (Liara): M6- Carnifex

This challenge goes out to Hendrix137

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Set 2 - United, We Stand
Surviving Haestrom
Still, We Hold the Line!

I. Surviving Haestrom

Tali'Zorah Nar Rayya and Kal'Reegar fight together on Haestrom. The remaining crew soldiers with Reegar have died. The two fight the Geth as a united front and survive long enough for support to arrive on the hostile planet, hellish planet. They are eventually joined serendipitously by Shepard and his crew, just in time to battle the Colossus.

In the solo challenge thread, we had the chance to fight with both Tali and Kal separately. Now we can fight together, united in one of the classic battles of Quarians versus Geth in the mass effect series.

Conditions: Combat Geth on Firebase Giant Hazard
-Hardcore (Gold): Must earn 3 waves survived medal, 50 assists medal (each)
-Insanity (Platinum): Must earn 50 assists medal (each)

Characters & Weapons:
- Female Quarian Engineer (Tali): Arc Pistol and M27-Scimitar (both)
- Male Quarian Soldier (Kal): Adas Anti-Synthetic Assault Rifle and Reegar Combine (both)

Note: I know there is a lot of Geth so far in these duos. I really wanted to put this one out though with the United, We Stand set   I promise a Geth break after this! I also love the idea of assists medals and teamplay required.

This one goes out to kaxas92

II. Still, We Hold the Line!

“You all know the mission, and what is at stake.
I have come to trust each of you with my life -- but I have also heard murmurs of discontent. I share your concerns.
We are trained for espionage; we would be legends, but the records are sealed. Glory in battle is not our way.
Think of our heroes; the Silent Step, who defeated a nation with a single shot. Or the Ever Alert, who kept armies at bay with hidden facts.
These giants do not seem to give us solace here, but they are not all that we are.
Before the network, there was the fleet. Before diplomacy, there were soldiers!
Our influence stopped the rachni, but before that we held the line!
Our influence stopped the krogan, but before that, we held the line!
Our influence will stop Saren; in the battle today, we will hold the line!"

-Captain Kirahe

Conditions: Combat Geth on Firebase Hydra
- Hardcore (Gold): 4 personal gold medals (each) - must include 50 assists medal
- Insanity (Platinum): 3 personal gold medals (each) - must include 50 assists medal

Characters & Weapons
- Salarian Infiltrator (Captain Kirrahe) with M7-Lancer and Scorpion (optional 2nd weapon)
- Salarian Engineer (Commander Rentola) with M7-Lancer and Scorpion (optional 2nd weapon)

Special Thanks to ComradeShepard7 for this one.
Note: Let's say Rentola's team discovered the new technology of the Scorpion from a random contributor. He signed his documents in an almost illegible scipt - Mordus.

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Set 3 - Annual Armax Arena Arsenal Assessment
Gangs of the Terminus
GI Armature
Spinzone Bonus!

I. Gangs of the Terminus

Welcome to the Armax Arena! Due to minor shifts in calibrations and frequent unexpected data drops, we here at the Armax Arena are required to perform annual Arsenal Assessment tests. We've decided to turn these otherwise boring, shoot-at-a-wall tests, into an exciting show and by far our best-selling event every year!

For the first set of testing this Holiday Special, we've matched up some of the most renowned shotguns known to exist: The reverred Claymore and the unbelievable Wraith! To test these incredible fabrications, we've brought here today two legends of Battle in the Terminus System. Enjoy the show!

Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Condor
- Hardcore (Gold): Must earn 3 Waves Survived and Personal gold medals in Shotgun kills and Headshots (each).
- Insanity (Platinum): Must earn 50 Shotgun kills (each)

Characters & Weapons:
- Batarian Brawler (Tarak) with Wraith
- Krogan Vanguard (Garm) with Claymore

II. GI Armature

And now, for our second event in the Armax Arsenal Assessment: I bring to you the two best sniper rifles in the galaxy! These weapons are unrivaled and the question of which is better has ellicited more than a few arguments and confrontations. When we decided to bring these incredible weapons to Armax, we had to make sure our walls could handle the assault! We also had to search long and hard to find beings capable of using such vicious weaponry. This search took us beyond the reaches of the gruesome terminus system, into the unknown of the Perseus Veil. Enjoy the show!

Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase Reactor/ Reactor Hazard
- Hardcore (Gold): Earn 5 Waves survived medal and Headshots personal gold medal (each)
- Insanity (Platinum): Earn 3 Waves survived medal and Headshot personal Gold medal (each)

Characters & Weapons:
- Geth Infiltrator with Javelin
- Geth Infiltrator with Black Widow

III. Spinzone Bonus!

And now, our main event!!! We bring to you tonight a duo that many have been dreaming about! A combination so lethal, we weren't sure our AIs could handle their frame rates!! Ladies and Gentleman, a battle of epic proportions is before us. I present to you, old friends, Barla Von and Bjorn!

Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Glacier Hazard
- Hardcore (Gold): 3 personal gold medals each
- Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful

Characters & Weapons:
- Volus Adept (Bjorn - the one and only) with M27-Scimitar and M4-Shuriken (both)
- Volus Mercenary Sentinel (Mr. Barla Von - current Armax high-score holder) with M8-Avenger and M4-Shuriken (both)

Note: I could not convince them to use weapon upgrades! This challenge does not count towards the Leaderboard but will get you a special bonus symbol.

Special Thanks to Hendrix for this matchup idea and for the Claymore/Wraith idea that got this whole idea brewing!

Happy Holidays BSN!

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Set 4 - New Beginnings
Eden Prime
The Nightmare Becomes Reality
Reach the Normandy

I. Eden Prime

"This idyllic agrarian world was one of the first human colonies established beyond the Charon mass relay. Eden Prime's fertile biosphere drew heavy immigration by the Systems Alliance and other human organizations.

In 2183, Eden Prime was attacked by a geth force led by the rogue Spectre Saren Arterius. Commander Shepard, responding to the attack, encountered a Prothean beacon that warned of imminent Reaper invasion. It is thanks to this beacon, and the Commander's quick action, that the galaxy has any chance of survival today."

Conditions: Combat Geth on Firebase Dagger
- Hardcore (Gold): Earn 3 waves survived and 50 tech kills and/or 20 headshots (each)
- Insanity (Platinum): Earn 50 tech kills and/or 20 headshots each

Characters & Weapons:
- Vanilla Human Male or Female Engineer (Shepard) with M99-Saber and/or M6-Carnifex
- Turian Soldier (Nihlus Kryik) with Krysae Sniper Rifle and/or M6-Carnifex

Note: Special thanks to lyq3r for this challenge idea and the nice throwback to ME1

II. The Nightmare Becomes Reality

After the mind control of several transformed Protheans is severed by the Leviathans, the rare awakened collector adepts, plagued with recurring memories of their now believed-to-be-extinct Prothean race, fight alongside the ancient race against the Collectors and the Reaper threat. They honor their ancestors and battle with the might of an army of thousands on the aquatic world of Despoina. 

Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Hydra
- Hardcore (Gold): Earn 3 waves survived medal, 50 biotic kills and 10 melee kills each
- Insanity (Platinum): Earn 50 biotic kills each

- Awakened Collector Adept with Prothean Particle Rifle and Collector SMG (both)
- Awakened Collector Adept with Collector Assault Rifle and/or Collector SMG

Note: I know.. the cruelty of melee and wave survived reqs vs Collector! 

III. Bonus Challenge: Reach the Normandy

For this special new beginnings bonus challenge, we are taken back to the start of the final chapter of the mass effect trilogy. As we discover that Earth is under attack and that the Reapers Shepard had warned about have made contact, we are forced to go against our instinct. Rather than stand our ground and battle for our home, friends and families, we are forced to execute a critical mission: a plan with a greater purpose in mind, the salvation of the Human race as a whole. We need the help of the galaxy with this new and horrifying development. We will rise to the challenge.

Conditions: Battle Reapers on Firebase Vancouver
- Hardcore (Gold): Pistols only until the start of wave 4, earn 6 personal medals each (bronze, silver, or gold; waves survived and killstreak medals each count as 1 medal for both players; having 2 waves survived medals still only counts as 1)
- Insanity (Platinum): Pistols only until the start of wave 3

Characters and Weapons:
- Human Vanilla male or female Soldier (Shepard) with N7-Valkyrie and M3-Predator (both)
- Battlefield 3 Soldier (Anderson) with M55-Argus and M3-Predator (both)

Note: Special Thanks to Shorthorn-HH for this great challenge idea. This challenge is not required for the completionist board but will grant a Bonus Symbol.

Happy New Year BSN!   



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N7's Finest
Set 5 - Invaluable Synergy

I. N7's Finest, Part I

The Alliance had been monitoring the Cerberus Lab on Sanctum for some time. They let the lab run, knowing they had eyes on the inside, feeding back knowledge about advancements and tech while simultaneously overseeing their somewhat untoward tactics. They were prepared to intervene should Cerberus be caught red-handed commiting any overtly illegal operation.

The Alliance was troubled when they received fragmented intel from their trusted source on the Planet: a cry for help perhaps? Only one word came out clearly: "infestation". Given the short notice, the Alliance issued a tactical, two person, covert investigation. The team had been renown for their incredible synergy and impeccable results.

Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Glacier Hazard
- Hardcore (Gold): Earn 20 headshots, 50 assists and  10 melee kills(each)
- Insanity (Platinum): Earn 20 Headshots

Characters & Weapons:
- N7 Paladin Sentinel with N7 Eagle Pistol
- N7 Slayer Vanguard with N7 Eagle Pistol

Note: This challenge goes out to SlimJim, Heroic and kocka  
Bonus Headshot Champion Symbol granted for those with a recorded successful run and 20 headshots before 25 pistol kills.

II. Ardat-Yakshi

'Ardat-Yakshi (meaning 'Demon of the Night Winds' in an old asari dialect) is a rare genetic condition in asari, specifically affecting their nervous systems. Although the condition does not harm the asari, during mating the Ardat-Yakshi's nervous system completely overpowers and dominates that of her mates, causing hemorrhage of the victim's brain and ultimately death in extreme cases. As a result, the Ardat-Yakshi becomes smarter, stronger and deadlier after each encounter. Ardat-Yakshi also have the innate ability to dominate the minds of others. 

Falere, Rila and Morinth, all daughters of Samara, have the lethal version of this condition. Morinth chose to embrace her condition, while Falere and Rila opted for a life of peaceful seclusion.' We discover however, that the Reapers have utilized this genetic anomaly to their advantage. They create Banshees from the Ardat Yakshi.

Falere and Rila are targeted directly by the Reapers. Help determine the fate of the Asari sisters on their homeworld, Thessia.

Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Goddess
- Hardcore (Gold): Earn 5 waves survived medal, earn 50 biotic kills and 50 assists (each)
- Insanity (Platinum): Earn 50 biotic kills and 50 assists (each)

Characters & Weapons:
- Asari Justicar Adept (Falere) with the Disciple shotgun and/or Acolyte pistol
- Asari Vanguard (Rila) with the Disciple Shotgun (only)

Note: Special thanks to kaxas92 for the idea of a primer/detonate challenge.  

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The Enemy of My Enemy
Armiger Legion
Set 6 - The Path Less Traveled

I. Meandering of Mordus, Part 1 - Lystheni

The legend of the creator of the Venom shotgun [See the Weekly solo challenges - week 6] is well known to the Salarian people. Many soldiers entering battle today engrave the name on their Venom shotgun should they be privileged enough to be granted one by the Salarian Military. 

The story of the creation of the Venom shotgun is in fact a lonely one. Following the rage-induced decimation of a Cerberus unit with the incredible power of the newly conceived Venom, it's creator, a Salarian with moral integrity, realized the consequences of his actions. He knew that he must leave his homeworld, perhaps never to return.

He became one of the Lystheni, a branch of the Salarian race not welcome in Council space, banned by his own people. He needed to journey to the far reaches of space and to hide for a while. He needed to get to Omega. He would need a body guard first and foremost as he had a feeling that cerberus would be tracking him.

Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase Ghost Hazard (ermagerd turrerrts!)
-Hardcore: Earn 3 personal gold medals, 3 waves survived and at least 1 melee kill (Because this is Mordus!!)
-Insanity: Earn 50 shotgun kills, 1 melee kill

Characters & Weapons
- Salarian Engineer with the Venom Shotgun
- Batarian Soldier with the AT12-Raider

This challenge goes out to those fans of the Mordus challenge in the Solo Challenge Thread  

II. The Enemy of My Enemy

The Quarians and the Geth had been at war for a long time. Originally created by the Quarians, the Geth would in time drive their creators from their homeworld of Rannoch, leaving them to roam the emptiness of space in Quarian Fleets known as Flotillas. When a Quarian and a Geth are united on Commander Shepard's crew, the initial consensus was that there would be another war on the Normandy! However, along Shepard's journey, the truth about an underlying Reaper influence on the Geth emmerges.

As the plot thickens and the previously unheard of traveling companions learn of their common enemy, the two fight together for the survival of all species.

Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase London
- Hardcore (Gold): Earn 5 waves survived, 20 headshots
-Insanity (Platinum): Earn 20 Headshots

Characters & Weapons:
- Geth Infiltrator with M12-Mantis
- Female Quarian Infiltratror with M12-Mantis
Note: M98 Widow can be used for Insanity version

This challenge goes out to Max Dmian and wngmv

III. Bonus: Armiger Legion

The Turian's lethal 26th Armiger Legion is one of the most feared in the the Galaxy. Being the most reputable Turian legion, they are also tasked with the most difficult and desolate of operations. 

There are whispers of a Turian technological discovery of a powerful artifact of unknown origins. Moreover, a human organization, in its infantile stages, seems to be meddling in the affair. The Armiger legion is tasked with retrieving the artifact and neutralizing the Human threat.

Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase White Hazard
- Hardcore (Gold): 3 Waves Survived, 10 tech kills (Saboteur), 10 melee kills (Havoc)
- Insanity ( Platinum): Mission successful

Character & Weapons:
- Turian Saboteur with Collector SMG and/or M358 - Talon
- Turian Havoc with Prothean Particle Rifle or M358 - Talon (only 1)

Special Thanks to Krauser who created this challenge idea while reading Evolution. 

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Soul Name
Lord Venom Returneth
Huerta's Archangels
Sets 7 and 8 - Arashu, Goddess of Protection

[Taken from The Compact - mini challenge series]

The Drell are omnivorous reptile-like humanoids. Their home planet Rakhana was dry, rocky and barren. Eight centuries ago, the already arid homeworld fell victim to a disastrous industrial expansion and a population surge upwards of eleven billion. Without the capacity for interstellar flight, the Drell were doomed to a swift descent into turmoil, complete exhaustion of resources and eventual extinction.

They were saved by the Hanar. The jellyfish-like species made first contact with the Drell in their last days. Seeing that the species was in despair, the polite, non-bipedal species rescued several hundred thousand Drell and transported them to their own planet, Kahje. Despite the disparity between climates between the water-covered Kahje and the arid Rakhana, the Drell integrated quickly into society. The remaining Drell on Rakhana perished.

The Drell have thrived co-existing with the Hanar as a part of the Galactic Civilization for almost two centuries. The depth of gratitude that the Drell owe the Hanar is known as the Compact. The Drell fulfill the compact by completing tasks that the Hanar find difficult, such as combat. While, they have a right to refuse the Compact, most Drell consider it among the greatest honors.

The Hanar are reluctant to send their soldiers to combat. They value and respect their alliance with the Drell. These are desparate times however. The Hanar have selected the three best Drell operatives of the entire Kahje military to complete the following critical tasks. The Hanar and Drell hope to honor their alliances and fight alongside the Galaxy in the greatest threat of this cycle.

I. Tu-Fira

Conditions: Combat Geth on Firebase London
- Hardcore: Earn 20 headshot medal (each)
- Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful
Characters & Weapons:
- Vanilla Human male/female adept with Paladin
- Drell Adept with Arc Pistol

II. Soul Name

Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Glacier
- Hardcore (gold): Earn 5 waves survived
- Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful
Characters & Weapons:
- Asari Vanguard with Reegar
- Drell Vanguard with Claymore

III. Lord Venom Returneth

Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase Jade
- Hardcore: Earn 3 waves survived medal and shotgun kills gold medal (each)
- Insanity: Mission successful
Characters & Weapons:
- Salarian Engineer (Mordus) with Venom Shotgun
- Drell Assassin Infiltrator with Venom Shotgun

IV. Huerta's Archangels

Condition: Combat Collectors on Firebase Vancouver
- Hardcore (Gold): Earn 5 Waves Survived medal, 20 headshots (each)
- Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful
Characters & Weapons:
- Turian Soldier (Garrus) with M98-Widow
- Drell Adept (Thane Krios) with N7 Valiant

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Mars Archives
Illusive Defeat
Last Enemies Standing
Set 9 - The Rise and Fall of Cerberus Part 1

I. Mars Archives

"Eva Coré arrives at the Mars facility one week prior to the Reaper invasion of Earth. After fleeing Earth, Commander Shepard is ordered by Admiral Hackett to head to Mars to retrieve intel from Liara T'Soni and the team studying the Prothean Archives before humanity loses control of the Sol system.


Shepard and crew discover upon landing that Cerberus had arrived and commandeered the site. Considering it would have taken nothing less than a battalion to take the facility, both team members and Liara conclude that a mole must have been involved. After fighting their way through the facility and reaching a security terminal, the team discovers that Dr. Eva is the suspected Cerberus infiltrator who enabled the disposal of the Mars research team. She takes charge of the Cerberus ground troops on-site and begins to download and erase the Prothean data in the archives." -Codex


In this challenge twist, you are Cerberus while the Cerberus Enemy represents Human Alliance Resistance in the midst of a Mars Sandstorm.


Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase Dagger Hazard
-Hardcore (Gold): Earn 3 personal gold medals
-Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful

Characters & Weapons
- Alliance Infiltration Unit (Dr. Eva) with the M4-Shuriken (and/or M11- Wraith for Insanity only)
- Vanilla Male Human Soldier (Shock Trooper) with the M25-Hornet (and/or Harrier for Insanity only)

II. Illusive Defeat

"By the time of the Reaper invasion in 2186, Cerberus had undergone a dramatic transformation. Now seeking to take control of the Reapers at any cost rather than to merely stop them, the Illusive Man intended to use the Reapers to make humanity the dominant force in the galaxy. Experiments with Reaper technology allowed the organization to indoctrinate civilians and convert them into absolutely loyal troops, swelling Cerberus's army. Cerberus's rapid growth also fostered public distrust of the organization, as commentators took notice of Cerberus's increasingly anti-alien stance and the blind obedience of its employees." - Codex


Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase White
-Hardcore (Gold): Earn 3 personal gold medals and Mission Successful
-Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful

Characters & Weapons
- Phoenix Adept without Lash (Dragoon) with the M25-Hornet (and/or M358 Talon for Insanity)
- N7 Slayer without Biotic Slash (Phantom) with the M25-Hornet (minimal use) (and/or M358 Talon for Insanity)

III. Bonus Challenge: Last Enemies Standing

The sudden occupation of the Cerberus station on Sanctum by the Collectors came without warning. The initial attack came in waves and the damages and casualties suffered were great. Cerberus and Alliance set aside their differences on that day. Humanity was the target. If anything, the attacks supported and heated Cerberus' arguments against alien cultures and specifically against alien threats.


Two Nemeses were instrumental in the defense of the bewildered station.


Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Glacier
-Hardcore (Gold): Earn 20 Headshots, 3 waves survived medal
-Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful

Characters & Weapons
- N7 Shadow (Nemesis) with the M13- Raptor (and/or M358 Talon for Insanity)
- N7 Shadow (Nemesis) with the M13- Raptor (and/or M358 Talon for Insanity)


This challenge set goes out to bgsam and Hendrix who have done many Cerberus imitation solos and inspired these.

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Set 10 - Dark Souls

I. Korbal

The harsh krogan homeworld conditioned the krogan psychology for toughness just as it did the body. Krogan have always had a tendency to be selfish, unsympathetic, and blunt. Sometimes, when krogan disagree, one of them will head-butt the other to show dominance. They respect strength and self-reliance and are neither surprised nor offended by treachery. According to Wrex, a krogan's worst insult is to say, "Someone's not worth killing."



Conditions: Combat Geth on Firebase Ghost

-Hardcore (Gold): Earn 5 waves survived, 50 Weapon kills medal (each). Must perform Krogan Headbutt.
-Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful. Must perform Krogan Headbutt.

Characters & Weapons
- Krogan Soldier with Graal Spike Thrower (and Scorpion for Insanity only)
- Krogan Sentinel with Kishock Harpoon Gun (and Scorpion for Insanity only)

II. Annihilation

"Mass effect fields are created through the use of element zero. Element zero can increase or decrease the mass content of space-time when subjected to an electrical current via dark energy. Many biotics can also use mass effect fields, which are biologically generated and controlled. This requires intensive training, and cybernetic implants, but can produce impressive offensive or defensive effects. Some biotics' talents are not strong enough to be offensively viable, but all biotics are sensitive to the presence of mass effect fields.


However, the use of mass effect fields creates static electrical charge. In starship drive cores, this charge must be grounded at regular intervals, either by touching a planet surface or interacting with a planet's geomagnetic field, to prevent the electricity discharging into the hull and causing catastrophic damage. For biotics, this manifests as an occasional static shock when they touch metal or other people."


Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Condor
-Hardcore (Gold): Earn 25 Biotic Kills and 20 headshots (each), must each perform 1 heavy melee kill (non-grab)
-Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful

Characters & Weapons
- N7 Fury with M358-Talon
- Asari Valkyrie with Arc Pistol

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