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The 7 Tiers of Neufchatel

The 7 Tiers of Neufchatel

Bonus Mini Series 

Challenge Rules
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4
Tier 5
Tier 6
Tier 7

Heavy Emmental Forces Inbound!

The themed challenge thread has hit 100 000 views! I think it's time to celebrate with a mini-series somewhat more OP than the majority of challenges in this thread. The thing is, even a 7-tiered cheese cake can still represent a challenge.


Enjoy and thanks for following the thread!


Award categories:


1a. Feta and Ricotta Are Rolling

Complete all tiers in a duo on Gold (awarded to individual players)

1b. Baby Mozzarella

Complete all tiers as a duo on Gold (awarded to teams)

2. San Joaquin Gold

Complete all tiers solo on Gold

3. Durrus

Complete all tiers solo on Gold in less than 150 minutes total

4a. Anything from Gruyere to Brie

Complete all tiers in a duo on Platinum (awarded to individual players)

4b. Chimay Grand Cru

Complete all tiers as a duo on Platinum (awarded to teams)

5. Parmigiano's Best

Complete all tiers solo on Platinum

6. Roquefort Strong

Complete all tiers as a duo on Platinum in less than 150 minutes total (awarded to teams)

7. Gouda Stuff Soldier

Complete all tiers solo and in a duo on both Gold and Platinum

Challenge Rules

Hardcore - gold difficulty, Insanity - Platinum difficulty

Duos: Double up the cheesiness. Two of the same kit!


For solos:

- Screenshot required, vid encouraged

- Armored compartments are permitted!

- Full extraction required on hardcore. Mission successful for platinum

- Objective modding not permitted

For Duos:

- Screenshot required, vid encouraged

- Armored compartments are permitted! (Only on objective waves for Gold difficulty)

- Mission successful required

- Objective modding not permitted

Tier 1

Conditions: Firebase White vs Geth

Character: Krogan Vanguard

Weapon: Reegar

Tier 2

Conditions: Firebase Giant vs Collectors

Character: Turian Ghost Infiltrator

Weapon: Cerberus Harrier Assault Rifle (and Acolyte for Insanity only)

Tier 3

Conditions: Firebase Goddess vs Reapers

Character: Geth Trooper

Weapon: Acolyte

Tier 4

Conditions: Firebase Glacier vs Cerberus

Character: Alliance Infiltration Unit

Weapon: Venom Shotgun

Tier 5

Conditions: Firebase Glacier vs Geth

Character: Geth Infiltrator

Weapon: M358 Talon

Tier 6

Conditions: Firebase Ghost vs Cerberus

Character: Batarian Soldier

Weapon: Raider Shotgun (Acolyte permitted for Insanity only)

Tier 7

Conditions: Firebase White vs Reapers

Character: Phoenix Adept

Weapon: Arc Pistol

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