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Challenge Rules

N7 Challenge Series

Earn the coveted N7 title.

Challenge Rules

Each N-rank from 1 to 7 must be earned by completing 3 progressively more difficult themed solos. 


The solos on average tend to get progressively more difficult both within the N-rank and as a whole from N1 to N7 and are meant to be completed in sequence.


Note: Feel free to complete these challenges in any order you like, although to be granted an N-status, you will have had to have completed all previous challenges and all three challenges within that N-rank. 


The N7 Challenge Series is currently open for Gold as well as Platinum and Silver Difficulties.

Gold and Silver:

- Full Extraction Required

- No Armored Compartments

- Screenshot required, vid for the top three times highly encouraged.

- Note: Personal Gold medals include Killstreaks and Waves Survived but not Gold completion and full extraction


- Mission Successful required, not full extraction

- Armored compartments permitted

- Medal requirements and waves survived requirements are waived.

- Screenshot required, vid for the top three times highly encouraged.


***Note: To prevent excessive rage (for platinum only)

- The Scorpion is permitted on N3 lll, and N6 lll (on phantoms only)

- The CSMG is permitted on N7 lll (replacing the Shuriken)

- The Acolyte is permitted on N7 l (on phantoms only)

These are permitted as sidearms to the original weapon indicated.***

N1 - Recruiting All Forces (♪)
I. Enhanced Defense Intelligence

EDI is an AI created by Cerberus and installed on the Normandy SR2. She then installs herself into the synthetic construct of Dr. Eva Core while the crew investigates Prothean artifacts on the Mars Facility. 


When Shepard later defects from Cerberus, EDI aids the team in eluding the Illusive man and Cerberus, siding with the crew of the Normandy as an act of free will. As a synthetic construct imbued with artificial intelligence, she seeks the meaning of her existence. She also happens to be unparalleled in speed and survivability, and Joker loves her new look.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase White vs Cerberus

Character: Alliance Infiltration Unit

Weapon: N7 Hurricane and/or N7 Eagle


Note: EDI's weapon proficiencies are sub machine guns and heavy pistols which varies a little from the shotgun focused AIU. This challenge goes out to pizzaking666.


The Council Demilitarization Enforcement Mission was created in accrodance with the Armistice ending the Korgan Rebellions. CDEMs patrols oversee the entire Krogan Demilitarization zone. With Humanity playing a more important role in the council, certain highly trained operative now take shifts patrolling the highly dangerous region. 


The risk of getting involved in clan Warfare is serious and the CDEM will not enter to save stranded civilians or soldiers in such incidents. What this soldier encounters is much worse than the Klixen...

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Giant vs Reapers

Character: N7-Paladin Sentinel

Weapon: N7-Crusader

This challenge goes out to Tupari.

III. Cyone Must Not Fall!

Cyone is a fortified Garden world that was assaulted repeatedly during the Krogan rebellion. Asari Matriarchs were able to fend off the Krogan and pledged to never let Cyone fall. Over the years the Asari have formed agreements with a small detachment of Turians from private militia and now with the Humans in the hopes of preserving the planet from hostile forces. 


Cyone must not fall!

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Reactor vs Collectors

Character: Turian Ghost Infiltrator

Weapon: Phaeston Assault Rifle


This challenge goes out to lyq3r   

N2 - Nature Versus Nurture (♪)
I. Resolve of the Shadowbroker

“Dr. Liara T'Soni is an asari researcher who has spent the past fifty years of her life studying

Prothean technology and culture, specialising in the Prothean extinction. She was born on Thessia in 2077, making her "only" 106—little more than a child in asari terms. She already has a great deal of insight into the Protheans and is a highly trained user of biotics.”

When we see Liara again, after Shepard’s resurrection, her personality has become much darker and ruthless, showing a willingness to break the law and to threaten people in order to achieve success in the information trade.“She is even heard quoting her mother, Matriarch Benezia, when threatening a contact. Her change in personality is later revealed to be attributed to her hatred of the Shadow Broker and her determination to end him for the grief the Broker put her through. 


When they finally defeat the Information Broker, Liara assumes the position of Shadow Broker, with his minions none the wiser, and promises Shepard that she will turn the organization around.  She vows to use the Broker's resources for good"

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase White vs Cerberus, earn 3 personal gold medals

Character: Asari Adept (not the Justicar)

Weapon: M77-Paladin


This challenge goes out to ThisIsAaron

II. Lay Down The Lawson

Genetically superior former Cerberus Operative Miranda Lawson was one of the Illusive man's most trusted operatives in the field. She was given the all important task of leading the project that would bring Commander Shepard back from the grave. With no tolerance or acceptance of failure, she was successful in bringing the Commander back to the land of the living.


Acting as Shepard's executive officer on the newly rebuilt SR-2 Normandy, Miranda assists in the battle against the Collectors and in the final attack on the Collector home world at the center of the Milky Way.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Goddess vs Collector, earn 3 personal gold medals

Character: Vanilla Human Female Sentinel

Weapons: M12-Locust and M6-Carnifex (both)


Note: Thanks to Sullysgam3rtag for this great challenge. 

III. 183 Pull-ups

Lieutenant James Vega is a human Systems Alliance Marine and a member of Commander Shepard's squad in 2186. James Vega is tasked to escort Shepard to an Alliance defense committee hearing, but the hearing is interrupted when the Reapers attack Earth. Anderson convinces Shepard to leave Earth to gather allies from the other races. While Vega is initially displeased with this decision, not wishing to leave Earth, he accompanies Shepard on the mission, both realizing its significance and even eventually becoming friends with the Loco.


During shore leave at Shepard’s place, James discovers a punching bag in the lower bedroom and tells the Commander that they've been holding out on him. If Shepard joins him in working out and does a pull-up on the bar, James comments that his record is 182, and challenges the Commander to beat it.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Rio vs Reaper, earn 3 personal gold medals

Character: Battlefield 3 Soldier

Weapon: M76-Revenant and/or M23-Katana


This challenge goes out to cato_84

N3 - The Powers of Old Unite (♪)
I. Chooser of the Slain

Asari commandos are powerful asari biotics who form the elite of the asari military. They are often in the maiden stages of their long lives and they usually fight in small groups using guerilla tactics. They can also be mercenaries. Wrex tells of when he first met Aleena, a commando, when they were hired to assassinate the same Turian. They split the earnings, literally – he got the head and she got the rest. 


Their friendship took a strange twist when Wrex was hired to kill someone from a Volus’ past who knew too much. It was Aleena. They agreed to battle it out on an old Salarian Space Station, in respect of each other’s skills. They battled for days until they ran out of ammunition. They destroyed the station and Wrex barely made it out alive. He didn’t think she had made it, until he got a message saying, “Better luck next time”.


Now they fight a common enemy once more.

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Giant Hazard vs Reaper, earn 3 personal gold medals & 3 waves survived

Character: Asari Valkyrie Sentinel

Weapon: Disciple


This challenge goes out to Kocka

II. Hold the Line

Major Kirrahe led the Salarian Special Tasks Group on Virmire and helped Shepard stop Saren and the Geth. He was decorated with the prestigious Star of Sur’Kesh for his incredible Leadership abilities. The major continues to join his men on their missions. He believes that nothing substitutes experience. After encountering Shepard on Sur’Kesh, he agrees to offer his help in the fight against the Reapers. He later sends Shepard this message:

From: Major Kirrahe

Commander, it was a pleasure seeing you again on Sur'Kesh, even if the circumstances were less than ideal. It seems fate has decided our meetings coincide with galactic threats. So be it. To that end, I wanted to reiterate that STG will be there to help when the need arises, regardless of the political climate. You were there for us in our hour of need. We look forward to returning the favor.

Best of luck,

Major Kirrahe
3rd Infiltration Regiment

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Goddess vs Geth, earn 3 personal gold medals & 3 waves survived
Character: Salarian Engineer
Weapon: Venom Shotgun and Scorpion (both)

This challenge goes out to Heroic Mass, kaxas92 and bgsam

III. Awaking the Eye of Wrath

“Ancient krogan society was once rich with cultural, architectural, and artistic accomplishments. However, the krogan birth rate exploded despite the natural limits of their predatory homeworld once they achieved industrialization. Technology made life "too easy" for them, so when they looked for new challenges they found those in each other. Wars were fought over dwindling resources as the krogan expanded. The Krogan were reduced to primitive warring clans struggling to survive a nuclear winter of their own creation, a state that continued until they were discovered by the Salarians two thousand years later. 

The krogan were liberated from their primitive state by the salarians, who "culturally uplifted" the race by giving them advanced technology and relocating them to a planet not cursed with lethal levels of radiation, toxins or deadly predators. The salarians even gave the krogan the means to stabilize Tuchanka's atmosphere by means of the Shroud.” This was not without their ulterior motives however… 

(At least in my playthrough) The genophage is cured. The Krogans are once again uplifted to their days of glory and welcome the opportunity to fight new enemies for the pride of the Krant and of their offspring. Their Alliance with the Salarians is renewed once more.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Jade vs Cerberus, earn 3 personal gold medals & 3 waves survived
Character: Krogan Shaman Adept
Weapon: Claymore

This challenge goes out to C73MKrauser.

N4 - Vital Signs (♪)
I. Servant of The People


During Commander Shepard’s assault on a Geth Dreadnought broadcasting a Reaper-designed control signal, he(she) discovers Legion (or a Geth VI) entrapped inside Reaper technology at the ship’s core. Once freeing Legion, The Geth describes how the Reapers improved their processing power. With the Reaper upgrades, the Geth reached the potential of fully-evolved AI units. Furthermore, Legion explains that its race finds the growth beautiful, indicative of life and that they would die for it.

Upon further investigation, the team discovers that the control signal is not only from Reaper technology, but from a Reaper itself. With the combined firepower of the Quarians, the Reaper is destroyed. Once destroyed, however, the Quarians turn their firepower on the vulnerable Geth. 

Legion reveals that it still contains a fragment of Reaper code that would allow the Geth to achieve true intelligence. (In one storyline) Shepard convinces the Quarians to stand down, allowing Legion to sarcfice itself for the Geth. In return, the Geth offer their full support in the War Effort.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase London Vs Reaper, earn 4 personal gold medals
Character: Geth Infiltrator
Weapon: Javelin and Geth SMG (both)

This challenge goes out to Hendrix137

II. Morning War

Approximately three hundred years before the events of 2183, the quarians created the geth, a species of rudimentary artificial intelligences, to serve as an efficient source of manual labor. However, when the geth gradually became sentient, the quarians became terrified of possible consequences and tried to destroy their creations.

The geth won the resulting war and forced their creators into exile. Now the quarians wander the galaxy in a flotilla of salvaged ships, secondhand vessels, and recycled technology. 

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Hydra vs Geth, earn 4 personal gold medals
Character: Male Quarian Engineer
Weapon: Arc Pistol

This challenge goes out to Max Dmian and d_nought

III. Annihilation 

"These soldiers are the go-anywhere, fight-anything special forces of the Alliance that were trained at the Interplanetary Combatives Academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They had to survive combat situations "in an admirable and effective fashion" to receive the N7 rank. Many N7s now train other species in anti-Reaper asymmetric warfare.

Fury operatives use implants to fuel biotics and their incredible movement speed. These operatives wind an unpredictable path on the battlefield, moving in and out of combat before returning to unleash a sweeping biotic attack on their unsuspecting targets."

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Glacier vs Reaper, earn 4 personal gold medals
Character: N7-Fury
Weapon: Collector sub machine gun

This challenge goes out to FireSnakeJay :]

N5 - Omega Forces (♪)
I. Bray-Fist

Bray is Aria T'Loak's personal bodyguard and has been through thick and thin with her. He was left on Omega when Aria fled to avoid the station's complete destruction. He remained in constant contact with her, however, and regularly reported on the Cerberus situation, plaguing the resilient station. He would later provide Aria and Shepard with a way into Omega, through a docking bay, in their attempt to Retake Omega.

While on a mission to the Terminus system, in an offensive attempt to track Petrovsky's original trajectory and perhaps discover the Illusive man's location, he runs into some residual Geth activity out of the Perseus Veil. Bray never backs down from a brawl.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Ghost vs Geth, earn 4 personal gold medals & 3 waves survived
Character: Batarian Brawler Vanguard
Weapon: AT12-Raider

This challenge goes out to Ziegrif.

II. Kill Them!

“Vorcha society is built around combat. In fact, the vorcha use combat, both individually and in groups, as their default form of communication resulting in their communications being primarily non-verbal. Seeing the potential of the vorcha's individual brutality and adaptability, krogan Blood Pack mercenaries often sweep pockets of vorcha, gathering them up and literally beating them into soldiers. Vorcha "trained" by this ordeal are stronger, faster, smarter, and more resilient than other members of the race. Gaining even a few vorcha gives a mercenary band a formidable advantage; each additional vorcha magnifies the gang’s combat ferocity exponentially.”

With Aria as the Queen of Omega, she is able to focus these forces on the invading Cerberus militia to great advantage. The blow severely weakens Cerberus’ overall strength, priming for a hostile takeover of her Station.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Reactor Hazard vs Cerberus, earn 4 personal gold medals & 3 waves survived
Character: Vorcha Hunter
Weapon: Blood Pack Punisher and Executioner Pistol (both)

This challenge goes out to Noeschi.

III. Retake Omega Part 3 - The Intangible is Unstoppable

Nyreen Kandros is a Turian of strong military background, with a strong moral compass. She is the current leader of the Talons gang on Omega. However, her skills and personality have transformed the lawless gang into one with discipline and order. The gang has been extensively involved in protecting the civilians of Omega.

When she first discovered her biotic abilities, Nyreen left the military and was forced to join the Cabal units by Turians suspicious of her biotics. The Cabals are an elite biotic Turian unit whose dictum is, "the intangible is unstoppable." As turian biotics are relatively rare, with biotic abilities manifesting in only a small percentage of element-zero exposed turians, Cabals tend to be small and only comprised of 10 to 15 individuals led by a commanding officer called a kabalim.

Nyreen performs the ultimate sacrifice defending the people of Omega during Arias attempt to retake control of her station. Prior to that, she was doing some bidding with the Asari in an attempt to locate Aria. She was tracked by Cerberus...

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Godess vs Cerberus, earn 4 personal gold medals & 3 waves survived
Character: Turian Cabal Vanguard
Weapon: Phaeston and M6-Carnifex

This challenge goes out to INVADERONE

N6 - The Scope of Perspective (♪)
I. Garrus' Calibrations Part 2 - Archangel

“Shepard receives a dossier on Archangel, a prolific sniper on Omega:




- Small-unit tactical expertise


- Omni-tool expert and noted sniper


Archangel is a mercenary commander whose operations are noted for their technical expertise and strategic brilliance. He is responsible for high-profile attacks on gang leaders on Omega and can likely be found there.”

Shepard will later discover that Archangel is in fact Garrus. He headed for Omega once he thought Shepard dead. There Garrus acted to the extreme of his moral compass and targeted criminal organizations and thieves deserving of punishment. He had all the major gangs of Omega after him when Shepard shows up to recruit him back to the Normandy. Garrus joins his old friend willingly and will fight alongside Shepard in the battle for Earth.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Vancouver vs Reaper, earn 4 personal gold medals & 5 waves survived

Character: Turian Soldier

Weapon: M98-Widow or Krysae Sniper Rifle


This challenge goes out toTheTechnoTurian

II. Next of Kin

Kolyat Krios is a drell and the son of Thane and Irikah Krios. Thane stored money through volus bankers on the Citadel as an inheritance for Kolyat. However, Kolyat acquired it early and took up a job as a hitman. Upon hearing this, Thane requests Shepard’s assistance in stopping his son. They find him on a mission to assassinate a Turian leader and interrupt him in just in time.


One option in the storyline is to have him work for Captain Bailey rather than face trial for his actions. Following this line, Kolyat gets assigned on a mission to Ontarom during a Collector assault on the planet. Relying on his instinct and the techniques both learned as an assassin and acquired by religiously reading through his father’s log books, Kolyat faces the ultimate test of character and survivability.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Dagger vs Collector, earn 4 personal gold medals & 5 waves survived

Character: Drell Assassin Infiltrator

Weapons: M11-Suppressor and N7-Valiant (both)


This challenge goes out to TheNightSlasher

III. Ash 

“Born on April 14th, 2158 on the colony world Sirona in the 61 Ursae Majoris system, Ashley Madeline Williams comes from a large family that includes a long line of Alliance soldiers.


Following her family's tradition, Ashley enlisted in the Alliance Navy as a marine after high school and was assigned to the Recruit Training Depot in Macapá, Brazil. For Hostile Environment Assault Training, she was assigned to Fort Charles Upham on Titan, one of Saturn's moons, where she was awarded a commendation for her bold assault technique in a field exercise simulating an attack on turian point defense emplacements.


Ashley Williams is first encountered by Commander Shepard on Eden Prime during the course of Shepard's mission to retrieve a Prothean Beacon. Ashley's unit, the 212, was wiped out by an army of geth also intent on retrieving the beacon. As sole survivor of her unit, and having demonstrated her combat abilities on Eden Prime, Captain Anderson has her transferred to the SSV Normandy.” 

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Hydra vs Cerberus, earn 4 personal gold medals & 5 waves survived

Character: Human Female Soldier

Weapons: M92-Mantis and M96-Mattock (both)


This challenge goes out to Knockingbr4in

N7 - Spectre Eligible (♪)
I. The Shepard Clone's War, Part 3 - Spectre Status Recognized

After having escaped from the Hazardous conditions of Noveria and having recruited Cat-6 Forces on Benning, the clone of commander Shepard embarked on the final stage of his (her) mission. He (She) needed to obtain the other Shepard's identity and Spectre authority passwords. Then would begin the task of eliminating the other Shepard from the equation.


Sanctum is one harsh icy planet. It attracts the toughest individuals, hardy miners who want to earn exorbitant hazard pay, mercenaries or company men. The planet has also been on the Council's radar for some time as home of the worst piracy in the Galaxy. It shouldn't be hard to find somebody here who could hack into the Council's servers and borrow some information.

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Glacier vs Cerberus, earn 5 personal gold medals & 5 waves survived

Character: Vanilla Human Male or Female Engineer

Weapon: N7-Hurricane


This challenge goes out to DHKany

II. End Scene

This is the Final battle for Earth. Shepard (The real one) has done all the recruiting possible.The galaxy's forces are united and fighting the Reapers on many fronts. It is time to fight from home, from the epicenter of the attacks and with the support of humanity. It is time to fight for those lost. This is the moment of truth. The survival of humanity is at stakes. The very best weaponry that the Alliance has been able to get their hands on is at Shepard's disposal thanks to Spectre Requisitions. It is time!


Only something is wrong. There are no Reapers. This is a nightmare of hellish proportions. Shepard's nightmare, plagued by visions of enemies from past missions merged with the ever-present concern for those suffering at home. The weight of loss is heavy on Commander Shepard's shoulders in this final hour of war.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase London vs Geth, earn 4 personal gold medals & 10 waves survived

Character: Vanilla Human Male or Female Infiltrator

Weapon: Black Widow


This challenge goes out to the writers and creators of Mass Effect. Thank you for creating such a wonderful Universe.

III. Ariake 

An extremely rare biotically capable Volus fights alongside the Turians on one of Palaven's Moon's Menae to end the Reaper threat once and for all. His power is unparalelled. His fury unfathomable. His stature is, oh, nevermind.


As a Volus with biotic potential, literally one in a billion, Bjorn is seen as a God among the Volus. His lower center of mass enhances his biotic abilities exponentially and the Reapers will not expect such an attack. Many Volus have experimented with illicit drugs temporarily bestowing biotic abilities, such as Red Sand or Minagen X3, to mimic Bjorn. 


All have proven unsuccessful.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Condor vs Reaper, earn 4 personal gold medals & 10 waves survived

Character: Volus Adept

Weapon: M4-Shuriken and M27-Scimitar (both)


Note: The Scimitar line was originally from Elkoss Combine, a volus weapons manufacturing company. A similar design was later manufactured by Ariake technologies, a human weapon manufacturer. The Name Ariake Translates to, "Dawn, but still, the moon remains in the sky".  

Bjorn just likes to stick to Volus weapons. Nobody messes with Bjorn.


This challenge goes out to the Bioware team. Thank you for all the work you put into this great game.



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