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Kirrahe Airlines

Your first-class ticket to the stars! Now Recruiting.

Updated 22-Sep-19

Chalenge Rules

Special thanks again to all the supporters of this thread. It's hard to believe we just hit 5000 posts! As a thank you and as Krauser's Bonus 5000th post winning challenge, I present the Kirrahe Airlines mini-series! 


As you may or may not know, Krauser came up with the Kirrahe airlines idea in reference to Phantoms flying over the edge on Jade (and all over the place) with the Venom shotgun. She would then say, "thank you for flying Kirrahe Airlines, have an explosive flight!" I think that's pretty hilarious. 


And with that, Kirrahe Airlines was founded.


Challenge Rules

- Screenshot required, vid highly encouraged

- Armored Compartments not permitted

- Objective modding not permitted

- Pizza running and hack glitching not permitted

- Missiles only on objective waves and extraction for duos and trios.

Kirrahe Airlines First Class Leaderboard

Completed all three Flights.






AW_FC_1986 (1:40:32)


Flight 1
Flight 2
Flight 3
Flight 1 HoF

Flight 1 - Pilot Training, Old School (Solo)

The organization has flourished into the most renowned Public Interplanetary Airline and with its popularity, has made its recruitment process quite selective. Applicants from all cultures have come forth and have applied to be a part of this prestigious company.



Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase Goddess

- Hardcore (Gold): Mission Successful, 75 Shotgun kills, 3 waves survived

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful

Character & Weapon:

- Female Quarian Engineer with Venom shotgun

Flight 2 - Disaster Protocol Training (Duo)

Disaster protocol training simulations can be quite realistic and extensive. It is rumored that Garrus and Liara underwent the training during their time on Sur'Kesh as per Kirrahe's encouragement. "Hold the Line" he said, unsurprisingly.



Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Rio

- Hardcore (Gold): Mission Successful, 75 Shotgun kills each, 1 revive each (unless 10WS)

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful, 1 revive each (unless 10WS)

Characters & Weapons:

- Turian Soldier with Venom shotgun (Garrus holds weapon strangely and asks, "Where is the scope?")

- Asari Adept with Venom Shotgun

Finally, with the recent Reaper Invasion, Kirrahe Airlines created a subdivision called Agents of Kirrahe Airlines to assist in war efforts. These agents undergo a rigorous training program, similar to that of the STG. After all, the Salarians want only their best acting as ambassadors for Sur'Kesh throughout the Galaxy.



Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase Ghost Hazard

- Hardcore (Gold): Mission Successful, 125 shotgun kills total, 5 grabs each

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful, 125 shotgun kills total, 5 grabs each

Characters & Weapons:

- Salarian Infiltrator with Venom shotgun

- Geth Trooper with Venom Shotgun

- Quarian Male Infiltrator with Venom Shotgun


Special Thanks to Krauser for the trio challenge idea and for Kirrahe Airlines 


"Thanks for Flying Kirrahe Airlines, have an explosive flight!"

-Kirrahe Airlines CEO

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Hall of Fame

Flight 2 HoF
Flight 3 HoF
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