Outlier Solo Series

Be the Stuff of Legend.

The war has persisted for what seems like an eternity. Morale is down, injuries are accumulating and consumables are dwindling.


A change is needed. Something must shift the balance in our favor. The Council and the Alliance have outlined strategic, unexpected solo missions that could cripple the enemies and create various weak points. Now they need the soldiers to execute these almost impossible tasks.


The Various Military forces of the Galaxy have combined resources and have begun to dig through their respective Historical Archives in search of any and all truly exceptional individuals in the Galaxy. They need the brightest and strongest. They need the best. They need the outliers.


The following Dossiers have been compiled for review...

Challenge Rules

Note: These challenge rules are a little more extensive than the previous series. This is mainly to create difficult challenges while not making them overly tedious. I think these are some of the tougher challenges out there because of the combination of these rules and the kits/maps/enemies. After all, these are Outlier challenges. Good luck N7s!

  • Screenshot required. Vid highly encouraged.

  • Full extraction is required.

  • Missiles allowed only on objective waves and extraction

  • Not Permitted:

    • Armored Compartments

    • Cyclonics

    • Geth Scanner (gasp!)

    • Objective-modded games

    • Certain “Clever uses of game mechanics” (Pizza running, hack glitching, incendiary/warp ammo glitches)

    • 6/6/6/6/6 or missile glitching <- lol

σ1 – Deception of Menae


- Full Extraction on Firebase Condor vs Collectors

-  Earn 20 headshot medal before wave 5

Character: Turian Soldier

Weapon: N7-Eagle Heavy Pistol


Thanks to HeroicMass for this challenge.

σ2 – Blue Rose of Illium


- Full Extraction on Firebase Goddess vs Reapers

- Earn 5 waves survived

Character: Krogan Shaman Adept

Weapon: Lancer Assault Rifle


Note: This challenge goes out to Argent, who had a similar idea  

σ3 – Geth Hopper


- Full Extraction on Firebase Jade vs Cerberus

- Earn 50 melee kills

- Time Trial: Must complete in less < 37 minutes

Character: Geth Infiltrator

Weapon: Geth Plasma Shotgun

σ4 – Bleed Out


- Full Extraction on Firebase Ghost Hazard vs Geth

- Earn 20 Headshots before wave 5

- Earn 10 melee kills

Character: Vorcha Hunter

Weapon: Kishock Harpoon gun

σ5 – Plague


- Full Extraction on Firebase Reacter/Reacter Hazard vs Collector

- Earn 50 Biotic Kills

- Earn 20 Headshots

Character: Asari Valkyrie

Weapon: Locust

σ6 – Archangel, Immortal


- Full Extraction on Firebase Rio vs Cerberus

- Earn 20 Headshots medal and 3 waves survived medal

- Must hold the Center Hack position for wave 1

Character: Turian Soldier

Weapon: M97 - Viper

σ7 – Heat


- Full Extraction on Firebase Vancouver vs Collector

- Earn 75 Assault Rifle Kills

- Time Trial: Must be completed in < 45 minutes

Character: Drell Assassin Infiltrator

Weapon: Spitfire

σ8 – Ashes to Ashes, We All Fall Down


- Full Extraction on Firebase London vs Cerberus,

- Earn 3 waves survived medal, and 50 Assault rifle kills medal

- Must Hold the Center Hack position for wave 1

Character: N7 Demolisher Engineer

Weapon: M55-Argus Assault Rifle

σ9 – This Isn’t Where I Parked my Mako


- Full Extraction on Firebase Giant vs Geth

- Earn 5 Waves survived

- Earn 1 non-grab melee kill

Character: Salarian Engineer

Weapon: Scorpion Pistol

σ10 – Baltasar


- Full Extraction on Firebase Glacier Hazard vs Reaper

- Time Trial: Must be completed < 37 mins

- Must do it in style, worthy of the Bjorn lineage

Character: Volus Protector Vanguard

Weapon: Venom Shotgun

σ11 – Nemesis Reborn


- Full Extraction on Firebase White Hazard vs Cerberus

- Earn 20 headshots

- Earn 1 (non-grab) melee kill on a Nemesis

Character: N7 Shadow

Weapon: M13 Raptor

σ12 – Brood


- Full Extraction on Firebase Dagger Hazard vs Collector

- Earn 4 personal gold medals

Character: Krogan Soldier

Weapon: Incisor

σ13 – Kai Leng Reloaded


- Full Extraction on Firebase Hydra vs Geth

- Earn 10 melee kills

- Earn 3 Personal Gold medals

Character: N7 Slayer Vanguard

Weapon: N7 Crusader

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