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Lack of Mastery over Rage


- Video Required


  1. Rage-Missile 6 missiles sequentially after a troll death, killing no boss enemies.

  2. Rage-Quit during a devices objective wave, before disabling a single device

  3. Rage-gel 3 times in one wave, in a full team/duo match or 5 times in one wave in a solo match

  4. Following a solo attempt fail, switch settings to Rage Solo Bronze with armored compartments. Use all missiles before wave two.

  5. Rage light Melee Suicide in a cluster of enemies, then quit, following an untimely death in a solo attempt.

  6. Rage grenade spam, emptying out your thermal clip packs, following an untimely death.

  7. Rage heavy melee a sync-capable enemy following an untimely death.

  8. Rage Missile Swarmers

  9. Rage Missile Seeker Swarms

  10. Rage quit after being A-bombed


I got the idea for this challenge from a post of TechnoTurian's. It is dedicated to all those who have raged playing mass effect 3 multiplayer.

Completionist Leaderboard

1. TheTechnoTurian l Dec 6th, 2013 [v]

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