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Gold Solo Speedruns Hall of Fame

Also includes Silver and Bronze Speedruns

I encourage you to submit gold solos even if you don’t technically think of them as “speedruns”, particularly since many characters do not yet have 10 runs recorded in this Hall of Fame.

With interest in ME3 MP waning I do not know if I will get many submissions, but I think this HoF is still a great resource with plenty of excellent gameplay on all platforms so I'd like to continue Hendrix137’s work by updating so long as people are still doing gold solos.

Please submit your speedruns in the Gold Solo Speedrun Hall of Fame v. 2.0 thread on BSN Unofficial Forums.

The Techno Turian


Objective modding (i.e. removing undesirable objectives), the Crusader fix, the talon hotkey fix for PC, and miscellaneous FOV/appearance mods are allowed. All other mods are banned. 


The ten fastest solos for each character are listed here. Screenshots are accepted, but I encourage you to upload videos if you can.

Videos have higher prioritization than screenshots. Screenshots will be removed if the space is needed by a video, unless the screenshot is the fastest time for its respective character and platform.


Entries that do not attempt the proper HOF format will be ignored.

Slower duplicates (same character, map, enemy and player) will be removed if the space is needed by someone else.

Each platform (PC, PS3, Xbox) is guaranteed one spot per character, regardless of time. This way we can see what the current platform record for each character is.

A maximum of nine Reegar runs per character are allowed.

Full Extraction is required.

Flawlwess, 10 Waves Survived and Non-rocket Speedruns

This is for Flawless, 10WS (Glacier and Non-Glacier) and NR golo solos, originally from Hendrix137's miscellaneous Gold Solo Speedrun thread. Will basically take any solos submitted for these and not limit it to 10. Per Hendrix's original HoF for these, I will add videos only for flawless and non-rocket. Each category also only allows 1 Reegar per character. 

Halls of Fame
Flawless, 10 WS & NR
Silver & Bronze Speedruns
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