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Themed Duo Challenges 2

Challenge Rules

Sometimes it's better to share the burden.

The themed solo challenge thread has been such a privilege to do and be a part of. So, when Hendrix suggested someone make a duo challenge thread, I couldn't resist!

Moreover, soloing regularly is a surefire way to burn out. Many others don't enjoy soloing at all. This thread hopefully will offer a different modality for challenges. A mode that the soloing regulars can enjoy and one that will also attract new participants! Duos can be really fun!   

This is also a really great group of players. Feel free to join the group and take part in the discussion, and offer suggestions for challenges!

Challenge Rules

Veteran difficulty:


- Mission successful on silver required

- Armored compartments not permitted

- Missiles only permitted on objective waves. Not on extraction.

- All 75 weapon requirements are dropped to 50 weapon kills

Hardcore difficulty:

- Mission Successful on Gold required
- Armored compartments not permitted
- Missiles only permitted on objective waves. Not on extraction.


Insanity difficulty: 

- Mission Successful on Platinum required
- Armored compartments not permitted

Note: 10 Waves survived and 3 killstreaks count as personal gold medals for both players. Additional conditions will be stated in individual challenges.

Set 1 - Reality Sets In

Mackenzie, N7

Class Rank: 1


This was how she was told. After years of training, countless hours at the gym and days spent in combat simulation. The pristine white envelope with her name written on it in elegant cursive held a single white card with her class rank. She was now N7.


The simplicity of the gesture was meant to be a reminder. This was not the end of a journey, it was but the beginning. She turned the card over and found the following Mission. Straight to the point.

Port Hanshan
Whispers of Cerberus

I. Port Hanshan

Travel to Noveria and rendez-vous with Sargent Kaira Stirling near Port Hanshan. There have been rumors of a Geth presence near Peak 15. Stirling is a highly moral Alliance Sargent who can be trusted. She is also a powerful biotic. Eliminate any and all hostile Artificial Intelligence forces.


Note: Please pick up your weapons at Spectre Requisitions on the Citadel


Conditions: Combat Geth on Firebase White Hazard

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 20 headshots (HFI) and 25 biotic kills (Stirling)

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Vanilla Human Female Infiltrator (Mackenzie) with Black Widow

- Vanilla Human female Adept (Stirling) with Wraith shotgun

II. Whispers of Cerberus

Stirling proved to be a valuable resource and quite the biotic power. The Geth presence was a little more than Mackenzie had anticipated, especially for a first mission as N7. But that Black Widow Sniper rifle is a dream.


Stirling had evidence to suggest that the Geth presence was not simply an offensive attack by the Geth. Humans may have been behind this. Stirling had heard a mechanic mention the Cerberus organization may be involved. What were they doing out here? Communication logs suggest a Cerberus hub may be taking advantage of the immense satellite network on Ontarum. She will head there next. If Cerberus is involved in illegal activities, then there have to be some officers who are looking to get out. Maybe she can find some help from the inside.



Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase Dagger

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Missions Successful, Earn 25 biotic kills each

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission Successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Ex-Cerberus Phoenix Adept with M358 -Talon and/or Cerberus Harrier

- Ex-Cerberus Phoenix Vanguard with M358 -Talon and/or Cerberus Harrier


Note: I know this is similar to the Set 9 challenges in series 1. But at least no Hornet!

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Set 2 - To Great Lengths

As expected, Mackenzie was able to find a few, highly capable, Cerberus troops who were aware of the true nefarious nature of their organization. They were brothers, both with strong biotic abilities, Van and Adam. There was no convincing involved. What's more, they had some interesting intel that suggested Cerberus was experimenting with several captured Geth. Apparently, they were able to "Awaken" these test subjects so that they were no longer hostile!


It seems Cerberus is going to great lengths to secure their superiority in warfare. But why? What else are they not telling us? What enemy are they preparing for?

Accurate Intel
Code Red, Labs

I. Accurate Intel

Follow a lead on Cerberus' lab on Sanctum. A program is being sent to you that will help hack the system on Sanctum.


Van and Adam were under the impression that this is where the first "Awakened" Geth was being held. The laboratory will be well guarded. It may be best to infiltrate the facility and gain the intel while remaining undetected. This mission will undoubtedly test Mackenzie's abilities as a tactical infiltrator. Or it may not...


It seems that Hanar intelligence is ahead of the Alliance on this one. 



Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase Glacier

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 20 headshots (each), 3 waves survived

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Drell Adept (Lone Drell) with M98-Widow

- Geth Infiltrator ("Awakened") with Javelin


This challenge goes out to ex-Clusum who wanted to see a little more Geth luv.

II. Code Red, Labs

Cerberus is renowned for pushing the limits of science, sometimes ignoring morality and legality in the process. They may have gone too far on one of their satellite laboratories. Intel reveals that they have successfully "Awakened" a Geth Pyro but the that there were some technical difficulties. All transmissions have ceased from the reactor facility. It may be worthwhile to check out the situation. Plan to keep at a distance, we don't know what they had stored there or what store of weapons they have in those closets.



Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Reactor (or Reactor Hazard)

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 75 combined tech kills and 3 waves survived

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Geth Pyro Trooper ("Awakened") with Acolyte

- Salarian Engineer (Selvin, hired by Cerberus) with Reegar Carbine


Special thanks to kaxas92 for this idea. Note, I changed the title so as to avoid a thread lock.

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Set 3 - The Reapers are Real

The infiltration mission to the secret labs on Sanctum proved highly fruitful. Classified intel highlighting the apparent real threat to humanity was recovered. The documents list the chronological order of Cerberus' artifact recovery, revealing, in fragmented detail, what is known of our enemy. The information is overwhelming. Mackenzie senses the gravity of this discovery. The rantings of Commander Shepard were true. The Reapers are real. They're coming for Earth.

Space Whaling Inc.

I. Lesuss

The term Ardat-Yakshi means Demon of The Night Winds. These Asari are afflicted by a rare genetic condition affecting less than 1% of the Asari. The condition affects the natural Asari neurological synchronization during mating, enabling complete control and domination of the mate's nervous system, and causing frequent cerebral hemorrhage and death.


Intel points to the origin of the Banshee as occurring in a Monastery in Lesuss. The Reapers have apparently taken advantage of the Asari's genetic anomaly to create one of the deadliest foes. We need to find out more about this enemy in order to stand a chance in a full scale assault. Head to Lesuss, in the Mesana System. This mission is high risk. Do not approach the Banshee lightly. In fact, we suggest first testing the site with our new Infiltration weapon...



Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Goddess

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 50 shotgun kills and 50 Biotic/Tech kills combined (total).

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Asari Huntress Infiltrator with N7-Piranha

- Alliance Infiltration Unit with N7-Piranha


Thanks to AW_FC_1986 for the kits for this challenge idea. Thunderdome soon!

II. Space Whaling Inc.

Our recent glimpse of the Collectors has brought about many questions regarding their origins, their strengths and their numbers. In light of our intel regarding the Reapers, we are entertaining a theory that the two deadly foes are related. Head to 2181 Despoina, one of our scientists, and a leader for an intelligent group known as Task Force Aurora, has reason to believe that there is more to those seas than what meets the eye.


The atmosphere can be quite hazardous, so we've hired some weathered, resilient radicals with...similar ambitions. Let's just say, their story might differ from yours at the end of the day. Lets keep it that way.


"Space Whaling Inc.


After being bought out by Kirrahe Airlines, the two founders of Space Whaling Inc, a Quarian who used to be an Admiral but was exiled for unknown charges, and a Vorcha who took business classes at the University of Serrice on Thessia (he was an exchange student), both decided to nail big game from the war and take it back to their new offices for decoration. These two founders decided to be deployed with the Agents of Kirrahe Airlines to lend some help for the war. They dusted off their prized Kishocks that had their names in solid gold on them and got to work"



Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Hydra

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 3 waves survived medal and 20 Headshots (each)

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Female Quarian Engineer with Kishock Harpoon gun

- Vorcha Engineer with Kishock Harpoon gun


Thanks to Krauser for her Space Whaling Inc idea. I had fun merging the two storylines on this one. Also, I love the Kishock.

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Set 4 - Shore Leave

MacKenzie's first deployment as part of N7 has been a grueling one. It has also been a success. She has been able to present invaluable intel to the Alliance: revealing the validity of the Reaper threat, an understanding that Cerberus is currently ahead of the Alliance in their understanding of the threat and in their preparedness. Moreover, MacKenzie has had the privilege of making some new alliances of her own across the galaxy. She has been granted a brief, but well deserved shore leave. She will head home, to Earth.

OP Simulator
Bitter Sweet

I. OP Simulator

First, she must stop off at the Alliance Military base in Rio for her debriefing. She is surprised to discover that the Alliance has used her intel on Collectors to formulate a battle simulator on Earth. Moreover, she is asked to test out the program for accuracy and precision with one of the newest N7. She quickly discovers the simulator is incredibly OP, but keeps silent as she believes the training will benefit the Alliance.



Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Rio

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 50 weapon kills and 20 headshots each.

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Vanilla Human Infiltrator with N7-Valiant

- N7 Slayer Vanguard with N7-Valiant and/or N7-Eagle

II. Bitter Sweet

When it is time to return to London, MacKenzie's worst nightmares are realized. The Reaper attack on earth has begun. The Alliance will test their strongest offence currently available. The vanguards of their attack.



Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase London

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 6 gold medals combined (total).

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Vanilla Human Vanguard with N7-Crusader

- Vanilla Human Vanguard with N7-Crusader

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Set 5 - Allies

The reality of the Reaper attack on Earth is a grim one. But humankind is not without hope. Earth's defense was stronger than initially anticipated. Humans are one resilient species. They do not like defeat.


The Alliance is now seeking allies. They are reaching out to the other species of our Galaxy, each faced with this common threat. Will they be able to summon support? They must prove that assisting in the survival of mankind is of benefit to all other species. The N7 representatives must be ambassadors now. They must prove that they are indispensable, that humans are indispensable. 


Deployment happened quickly. MacKenzie didn't even have a chance to communicate with other N7. The Alliance apparently deployed any and all N7 operatives they could reach. They were sent to scour the galaxy for Allies. MacKenzie was having trouble focusing on this task, however. She wanted revenge. She paused to think. Where to start? She would reach out to those she already knew... a lethal assassin and a valuable shield...

Shield and Hammer
Hunter and Hunted

I. Shield and Hammer

She reached out to her childhood friend first, Pietr. He had become  an N7 operative 4 years ago, and yet they were the same age. He was one of the best. He had been sent out to Tuchanka on what most would consider a suicide mission, as part of the CDEM (Council Demilitarization Enforcement Mission). To think humans could enforce Krogan Warlords to do anything! 


Pietr agreed to help MacKenzie, and the Alliance. As soon as he got out of the little mess he and his Krogan friend, Thurr, had gotten into.



Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Giant Hazard (Non-Hazard permitted for PS3)

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 25 melee kills each, 3 waves survived.

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- N7 Paladin with N7-Crusader

- Krogan Warlord with Striker Assault Rifle

II. Hunter and Hunted

Kasumi Groto had been tracked for a long time, several years now. Jondum Bau was her pursuer. He was a Salarian Spectre. It had been a full time job trying to evade him. It was almost as if they had formed a bond, as hunter and hunted. They knew every little detail about each other. It was required.


When MacKenzie approached Kasumi about the Reaper attack on Earth, She knew exactly  what she had to do...



Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Jade

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 20 headshots each.

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Salarian Infiltrator with M77- Paladin

- N7 Shadow Infiltrator with M11-Suppressor or M5-Phalanx

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Set 6 - Into the Depths of Darkness

The Search for allies has become difficult. The war has worn on everyone. How do you persuade a soldier to fight by your side when his or her own well being is at stake? When his or her family is threatened? When all you know could end? You ask them to dig deep down, into the depths and fabric of their being. You ask them to fight for a cause much bigger than themselves. You ask them to fight for life, for survival! 


This is when ninety-nine percent of the candidates bow out, leaving behind the select few. Those soldiers still standing are worthy of the title N7. Note: This is a dark time and a dark set, bonus points for awesome dark outfits.  Also, this set is not for the faint of heart!

Shadow of a Kabalim

I. Void

MacKenzie's journey for a renowned Asari biotic, Lensa (Rumored to be a second daughter of Aria T'Loak, held secret and under protection, following the assassination of her daughter Liselle), takes her into the depths of the Decorum System, to the Planet Sanctum. The once infamous Cerberus labs are now nothing but a Collector infested nightmare. When MacKenzie was informed of this assignment, she was told that all other N7 had refused. She asked, in reply, "When do I leave?"



Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Glacier Hazard (Thunderdome duo!)

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, **Medigel use only permitted on Objective waves/Extraction**

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Asari Valkyrie with Arc Pistol

- Vanilla Human Female Sentinel (MacKenzie) Arc Pistol

II. Shadow of A Kabalim

On Menae, one of Palaven's moon, MacKenzie is in search for a long lost Kabalim, the leader of a Cabal unit, who has gone off-grid for years. The Cabal are biotic warriors who see their isolation as a necessary sacrifice to protect the Hierarchy. Rumor has it that Selaya Valter reached such a heightened state of biotic ability that her own fear of her destructive ability drove her into complete isolation. Rumor also has it, that the Reaper attack has drawn her out of her decade long solitude.



Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Condor

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, **Medigel only permitted on objective waves/extraction**

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Turian Cabal (Selaya Valter) with M11-Wraith

- Turian Soldier with Krysae Sniper Rifle


Note: This set goes out to nOeXTRACTION and AW_FC_1986

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Set 7 - Spectres of the Past

MacKenzie and her allies face a difficult battle in the months ahead. The team is looking back on the war stories of their childhood. Stories of Spectres of the past, that reverberate through the barracks of young soldier recruits still today. Stories of epic battles that the archives of combat strategy still look to emulate. Stories of humans, Turians, Asari and Salarians alike, fathers and mothers, heroes of the Galaxy. 

Spectre Origins

I. Turians

The only two known Turian Spectres did once fight together. Before Saren was indoctrinated. Stories tell of waves upon waves of enemies falling lifeless at their feet. The complete mastery over combat and weapon fortified with decades of experience was no match for any enemy, anywhere.



Conditions: Combat Geth on Firebase Ghost, earn 5 waves survived (3WS for platinum)

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Turian Sentinel (Saren Arterius) with M6-Carnifex

- Turian Soldier (Nihlus Kryik) with M7-Lancer

II. Spectre Origins

Beelo Gurj was the first Spectre. He was appointed in 693 CE.  He was formerly a salarian operative who was accused of using 30 civilians as bait to flush out his target. Instead of incarcerating him, the Council released him and offered him the chance to establish the Spectres, which he accepted.


Beelo discovered Tela Vasir, a then young Asari, on one of his first infiltration missions. The details of the events remain classified and hidden deep within the Archives of Thessia Military records. But he would make her a Spectre. She would later be known for her investigation into the theft of economic reports from the Citadel Council's Ministry of Finance, and for breaking up a slave trading ring in the salarian city of Aegohr on the planet Nasurn. Rumors of the first battle they fought together, went something like this...


Conditions: Combat Cerberus on Firebase Goddess, earn 5 waves survived (3 WS for platinum)

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Salarian Infiltrator ( Beelo Gurji) with Venom Shotgun

- Asari Justicar with Acolyte


Note: This set is dedicated to Smehur, who came to me with the Set title and first mission idea and who has been a great recent addition to the Themed Challenge team! 

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Set 8 - Live Long And Prosper

The time has come. The Alliance believe they have an attack window that could cripple the Reapers or at the very least buy us some time to regroup and strategize. Mackenzie is called upon directly to execute this series of attacks. Word of her recruitment and the strength of her allies as well as their will to fight has served as a beacon of hope to the military and to civilians alike. Time to fight, that we may all live long and prosper!

Hackett Out

I. Bosh'tet

The Reapers have started encroaching on Arvuna. The Alliance needs to get there first and clean out any residual enemies. The Reapers will be in for a surprise when we have a full battalion awaiting them. MacKenzie has been requested to send two of her team, among the most reliable and most efficient duos, to scout the area ahead of the arrival of the battalion. She didn't think twice on who she would send. The team did not expect to find so many residual enemies on the planet's surface. Nothing they couldn't handle, of course. The Quarian had a few words to say, however.



Conditions: Combat Geth on Firebase Hydra

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 5 waves survived and 20 headshots

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful, earn 3 waves survived and 20 headshots


Characters & Weapons:

- Female Quarian Engineer (Tali) with Arc Pistol

- Geth Infiltrator (Legion) with M98-Widow

II. Hackett Out

The second mission similarly requires a highly proficient duo. There will be a significant hack and data transfer in the middle of a known Reaper hot zone. All forces will be alerted the second the hack is initiated. The team will need to be comprised of among the most powerful biotics in the group. The mission would be suicide any other way. Hackett delivered this mission personally due to the sensitivity, importance and overall danger associated with it. The Alliance has one shot at this. Hackett issued special Alliance weapons specifically for the mission. "It might get a little stormy in there" he said.


Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Ghost Hazard

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful,  **must hold the back room with the ammo crate in all non-objective waves** and earn 50 biotic kills each.

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful, earn 3 waves survived.


Characters & Weapons:

- Asari Adept (not-Justicar) (Liara) with N7 Hurricane

- Awakened Collector Adept (Javik) with N7 Hurricane


Note: This challenge set goes out to Smehur, who wanted to see a Tali/legion duo and Liara/javik duo . Hackett Out is dedicated to HeriocMass and his Hold The Line Series. The set is also a dedication to Leonard Nimoy.

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Set 9 - Blue Eclipse

The battle has been tough. MacKenzie and her squad have fought valiantly and have done well. The war is far from over, however. The team needs a breather. They need to regroup and rest. Where is the backup when you need it?


The Alliance was supposed to be here with reinforcements days ago. We can't be expected to hold these hack points through countless waves of insane monsters and actually survive, can we? Fortunately, some of the members of MacKenzie's team have some... connections. Connections that in all other circumstances would be considered "shady". We will not inform the Alliance of this. We are at war and the enemy of our enemy is our friend! Time to blindside the enemy and burn them from this Galaxy, the blight that eclipses our peaceful existence!

Blue Suns

I. Blue Suns

The Ex-Cerberus Pheonix in MacKenzie's squad had made valuable connections on their way out of Cerberus. A little information goes a long way in the world of crime. The contacts are part of the Blue Suns, and they agreed on an exchange of information that would allow the Suns to hold a vantage position in negotiations with a rival gang in exchange for refuge within their territory during the Cerberus escape.These Blue Suns elites still remember what the Pheonix did for them. The intel they gathered seemed impossible to obtain, and rumors tell of much slashing, throughout an entire night in order to obtain it... Certain blue suns have even referred to these particular pheonix as the Night Slashers. The Blue suns will assist at the Night Slashers' call.



Conditions: Combat Reapers on Firebase Vancouver

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful


Characters & Weapons:

- Human Sentinel (Jedore) with M37-Falcon

- Turian Sentinel (Centurion) with M15-Vindicator and M27-Scimitar

II. Eclipse

MacKenzie's team is able to call in a second set of reinforcements through a questionable connection of Liara's. MacKenzie is quite astonished by the resources and connections of the young Asari. You'd think Liara was a friend of the Shadowbroker or something. Nonetheless, MacKenzie won't turn down a good soldier when she needs one, even if the team is consisting more and more of criminals every day. I guess we're all fighting for our survival. All other hierarchy and organizations fly out the window.


Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase White Hazard

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 20 headshots

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful, earn 20 headshots


Characters & Weapons:

- Asari Valkyrie (Eclipse Commando) with Claymore

- Asari Vanguard (Eclipse Vanguard) with Claymore 


Note: Thanks to Lux Caelum for these character and challenge ideas. I turned them into duos for the series as opposed to solos. Let's face it, these guys fight in packs! Enjoy! (I also changed the Eclipse Vanguard weapon from Eviscerator to Claymore, cause it's just more fun!)

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Set 10 - Full Extent of Our Superiority

MacKenzie and her amassed team of heroic soldiers, biotic legends and a few vicious criminals have been called upon for one final battle. Their military successes thus far have been numerous and have had a great impact in the great war against the Reapers as well as on the smaller battlefronts threatening the Alliance. There are rumors, however, of a reawakening, or perhaps, the very opposite.


The Collectors were believed to have been eradicated with the destruction of the Harbinger and the cessation of his control on the Collectors. Indeed, several "Awakened" Collectors have joined with the Alliance and have fought valiantly against residual pockets of resistant Collectors (termed "lost" Collectors) and against the Reapers.


It seems, that the Reapers created a second Collector from harvested Leviathans and kept this secret, hidden away in the dark recesses of space. Rumors are that this new Reaper and its minions have surfaced. Should this be true, then humanity has yet to even fathom the full extent of their superiority. The journey will take MacKenzie and her crew to the Styx Theta system.


I. Altahe

This is an unusually dense world to explore, much less to fight on. KacKenzie has to send her toughest for this task. There was never a doubt in her mind as to whom the task belonged to. They need the strength of the Krogan to eradicate any Collector activity on this rocky nightmarish planet. They need the bloodpack.



Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Condor

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 10 waves survived medal

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful, earn 5 waves survived medal


Characters & Weapons:

- Krogan Sentinel with Grall Spike Thrower

- Krogan Soldier with Executioner Pistol

II. Nepmos

This highly unstable terrestial planet holds another interesting task. Luckily, MacKenzie has been able to amass a variety of skilled teammates with varying abilities and preferences. These powerful grunts love a good fight and literally roar at the opportunity to fight in perpetual fog. They claim there is no match for their combat techniques. They combine an Adrenaline junkie and a cryo fanatic to decimate all opponents. Let's see how it faces against Collectors.



Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase Dagger Hazard

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 10 waves survived medal

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful, earn 5 waves survived medal


Characters & Weapons:

- Vanilla Human Soldier (Adrenaline Rush/weapons focused build) with N7-Valkyrie

- Vanilla Human Soldier (Cryo Ammo (required)/Concussive shot focused build) with N7- Valkyrie


Special Thanks to HamleticTortoise for this challenge idea. I made some slight modifications to fit in with the challenge set, but I love the general concept and teamwork required for this. 

III. Grosalgen (Finale)

This frost planet looks eerily similar to Noveria.. where this whole journey began, it seems like an eternity ago. Although, being in the middle of a storm adds to the tension, just slightly. Mackenzie will take on this mission herself and she will bring along a fellow sniper, he's a bit of a savage, but the Collectors need a taste of their own medicine. The further she stays away from these possessed creatures, the better.



Conditions: Combat Collectors on Firebase White Hazard

- Veteran (Silver) & Hardcore (Gold): Mission successful, earn 10 waves survived medal, 20 headshots

- Insanity (Platinum): Mission successful, earn 5 waves survived medal, 20 headshots


Characters & Weapons:

- Vanilla Human Female Infiltrator with M90 - Indra

- Vorcha Hunter Engineer with Kishock Harpoon gun

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