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Platinum Solos Hall of Fame

Hello, fellow enthusiasts. It is my pleasure and honor to open the new Platinum Solos Hall of Fame! As many of you know, Loufi, who ran the thread on BSN Prime for the past two years, decided to retire from this duty; but as there might still be people interested in having their platinum solo runs recorded, he gave me the green light to re-create the thread on BSN Unofficial Forums and continue to update the Hall of Fame, which will be hosted here. 

As always, the Platinum Solos Hall of Fame is open for everyone. Please submit your solos by posting in the Platinum Solos Hall of Fame thread on BSN Unofficial Forums in the following form:


ID | Date | Duration | Firebase | Enemy | Weapons (v)

where (v) indicates the presence of a video. A link to a recorded solo is obviously the best proof, but screenshots are accepted. The solo must have Mission Successful to be archived (Full Extraction isn't required).

I'd like to thank Loufi for all the time and effort he invested into maintaining the previous threads, which have inspired some of the most awesome accomplishments in ME3MP; INVADERONE, the author of the original thread; ex-Clusum, who watched all entries from 2012 to 2014 to determine the weapons used; Cato and TheNightSlasher, for creating and maintaining a very well-organized Excel file listing all the entries, and providing us with fun statistics; and all the BSNers who shared, and will hopefully continue to share their solos, builds and war stories with us.

Welcome to the new Platinum Solos Hall of Fame, and best of luck in your future platinum solo attempts!


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