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Mordus' Path of Destruction

Updated 22-Sep-19

The Themed Challenge Group is proud to present the Mordus miniseries by Kaxas (Salarian Jesus)!


The name Mordus originated from a misspelling of Mordin Solus. The simple mistake has evolved into one of the coolest and most fun characters in the thread over this past year. He has made appearances in duos and solo challenges, although his history has remained relatively unknown. Until now. 

Mission 1
Mission 2
Mission 3a
Mission 3b
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Mission 1: Protecting the Tower

During his early years, Sur'Kesh Venith Talat Mal Soru Got Fasa Mordus (or, in short, Mordus Fasa) served as a soldier in the Salarian Military. Mordus’ first serious mission occured when he was stationed on a remote world, near the Perseus Veil. The planet had vital instruments for monitoring Geth activity beyond the Veil...



Character: Salarian Engineer (since we never got a new Salarian character, let us call this one a Soldier: do not spec into Decoy)
Weapon: Prothean Particle Rifle (I always imagined Mordus would be into exotic technologies anyway)

Map/enemy: Dagger/Geth

Mission 2: A New Home

After successfully repelling the 137th Cerberus attack on Sur’Kesh (and disabling the countless Enemy Devices), Mordus decided to move on to a place that is less likely to be attacked by the extremist Human group. However, Mordus could not have suspected that the Reaper army is on the move, and their new target is Mordus’ new home, the planet Benning...



Character: Salarian Engineer

Weapon: Venom Shotgun

Map/Enemy: Ghost Hazard/Reapers

Mission 3a: The Next Generation

After Mordus’ retirement, his son, Mordus Jr. carried on the family name. Unlike his father, Mordus Jr. did not enjoy using the almighty Venom shogun that was crafted by his father. He, rather, preferred using weapons that were less popular in the Galaxy. After Commander Shepard defeated the Reapers, the remaining enemy forces had to be cleaned up. Although officially Earth was liberated, enemy forces were still present and willing to fight until their last breath...



Character: Salarian Infiltrator

Weapons: M-15 Vindicator/M-29 Incisor

Map/Enemy: Vancouver/Collectors

Mission 3b: Until the Last Breath

Commander Shepard and the united army of the galaxy lost the battle against the Reapers. As the Reapers are about to finalise their cycle, they send their thralls to finish off the remaining pockets of resistance. Only a few exceptional individuals keep Holding the Line. One of them is Mordus, who decided to return to his underground lab and defend it until he can...



Character: Salarian Engineer

Weapons: Venom Shotgun/Collector SMG

Map/Enemy: Glacier/Cerberus


Bonus Mission

The Original Mordus Challenge from Weekly Themed Solos 1:

Salarian legends tell of a Salarian Engineer considered a genius among his already intellectually advanced people. He dedicated close to a decade of work to the development of a shotgun designed to force an exit strategy for teams within the Salarian Task Force (STG) whose primary objective was to extract compromised undercover operatives. Some say that he dedicated every fabric of his being to this project, so much so, that he eventually went mad, showing signs of acute psychosis and a split in his personality. Some feel his dual personality is manifest in the dual fire modes of the Venom.


On the eve that the weapon was finally completed and perfect in the eyes of the creator, Firebase Jade was attacked by Cerberus. The engineer was the last remaining Salarian on the base. In a fit of madness-induced rage, he beheld his newly finished masterpiece and proceeded to wreak havoc on the hostiles. He defeated an entire Cerberus unit alone and disappeared, never to be seen again.


He is remembered as Mordus. Many soldiers still engrave that name on their Venom Shotguns today in respect of the creator of such a power.


Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Jade vs Cerberus

Casual/Hardcore/Epic: Salarian Infiltrator with Scorpion Pistol and/or Venom Shotgun

Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (reflective of the true Mordus): Salarian Engineer with Venom Shotgun only

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