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Challenge Rules

Weekly Themed Solos 1

The challenge series that started them all

This is the challenge series that started them all, two years ago. Spanning 21 weeks, these solo challenges revealed some of the best soloists in the game and provided some incredible gameplay vids, highlighting strategies and techniques that proved the most successful. In these early days of soloing, the common known techniques of today were still being discovered. Many of the top times in these challenges are the first applications of these tactics, still used today by soloists.


It has been a pleasure taking part in these challenges and seeing these records, many of which I'm sure will still continue to be broken. The series is still open, and is a great way to challenge yourself in this game and to see how you compare to some of the soloists out there. Good luck N7, let's see some records broken!


Special thanks to Smehur for making this updated-format version for the new website for the 2 year anniversary of the thread!


Challenge Rules
  • Screenshot required, vid encouraged

  • Objective modding not permitted

  • Casual/Hardcore and Veteran/Insanity difficulties (silver and gold):

  • Armored Compartments not permitted

  • Full extraction required

  • Individual challenge requirements listed for each challenge and difficulty setting (Hardcore/Insanity)

  • Epic and Legendary difficulties (Platinum):

  • Mission Successful Required (Not Extraction)

  • Armored compartments are permitted

  • The character and weapon requirements stand, however medal and waves-survived requirements are waived

Week 1: For Thessia!

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Goddess vs Reaper
Character: Asari Justicar Adept
Weapons: Acolyte and/or Disciple

Week 2: The Shepard Clone's War Part 1 -- First Blink After Coma

Strong work adepts. Thanks to powerful individual biotic offenses and unrelenting reave, we have staved off all Reaper attacks on Goddess for the time being. Thessia will see another sunrise.
Click here in new tab before reading further for full effect!
Meanwhile, in a much colder place, a mysterious figure is awoken for the first time in a visual neurosensory overload and attempts to escape the clutches of Cerberus and the painful snow-blindness of Noveria.

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase White Hazard vs Cerberus
Character: Vanilla Human Male or Female Soldier (BF3 soldier may be used if Carnage is not equipped)
Weapon: N7 Valkyrie
Note: Subsequent Parts of the SCW series (in later weeks) will feature different classes. Each class requires the official weapon the clone uses for that class in single player.
Tip: Beware of the additional hazard of adrenaline-induced snow-blindness when first using neural implants

Week 3: Merely the Weapon

We first encounter Thane, arguably the galaxy’s deadliest assassin, on the planet Illium. Adept in sniper rifles, biotics and sub-machine guns, he dresses lightly and is a very fast moving, fast attacking character with shockingly proficient hand to hand skills. As his final contract, Thane agrees to commit to Shepard's suicide mission against the Collectors and in the process, proves to be an invaluable asset and a close friend.

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Reactor Hazard vs Collector with Drell Adept
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: N7 Valiant and M9-Tempest (both)
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary: M97-Viper and M4-Shuriken (both)
Completing the challenge on Insanity will earn an insanity symbol (ℐ) by your name on the leaderboard (and some serious respect! - I know, Shuriken :s) however, your quickest time across either difficulties will be used for scoring purposes.
Note: Though the ME3 Drell adept possesses reave instead of throw, the Drell biotic adept class most closely fits the one-of-a-kind abilities of Thane Krios.

Week 4: Now I Am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds

The Reapers have attacked Earth. Having completed the grueling courses at Vila Militar in Rio de Janeiro, you are a combat-ready, newly-minted N6 soldier. You have been deployed to London, the epicenter of the Reaper calamity. Your mission: Inflict mass devastation on enemy forces. Success and survival will grant you the coveted N7 designation.

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase London with N7 Destroyer
Causal/Hardcore/Epic: N7 Typhoon Assault Rifle, 3 waves survived medal
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary: Striker Assault Rifle, 5 waves survived medal
Note: Thanks to Spinotech for the original idea and title and to Crimson Vanguard for the incredible photo! The quote is Sanskrit, and was what J.Robert Oppenheimer thought only moments after the first atomic bomb had detonated in the Alamogordo, New Mexico desert. This definitely gave me chills!

Week 5: Indoctrinated

Saren Arterius was ruthless and calculating. He was the longest serving Spectre and the Turian got results. Saren learned the fate of past civilizations through the ancient Reaper Sovereign and resolved to save the races of the galaxy by aiding the Reapers. He hoped that by proving the worth of organics, the Reapers might spare them. He was wrong.
Saren first sought out the Geth from behind the Perseus Veil to serve Sovereign. However, his early attempts were not always successful and would lead to intense conflict.

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Glacier vs Geth with Turian Sentinel
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: M6-Carnifex Heavy Pistol
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (not for the faint of heart): M3-Predator Heavy Pistol, earn  a  minimum of 4 individual gold medals (killstreaks accepted)
Note: The Perseus Veil is a natural boundary between Geth Space and the Terminus System. Firebase Glacier is on the Planet Sanctum, in Sigurd's Cradle within the Terminus System.

Week 6: Mordus

Salarian legends tell of a Salarian Engineer considered a genius among his already intellectually advanced people. He dedicated close to a decade of work to the development of a shotgun designed to force an exit strategy for teams within the Salarian Task Force (STG) whose primary objective was to extract compromised undercover operatives. Some say that he dedicated every fabric of his being to this project, so much so, that he eventually went mad, showing signs of acute psychosis and a split in his personality. Some feel his dual personality is manifest in the dual fire modes of the Venom.
On the eve that the weapon was finally completed and perfect in the eyes of the creator, Firebase Jade was attacked by Cerberus. The engineer was the last remaining Salarian on the base. In a fit of madness-induced rage, he beheld his newly finished masterpiece and proceeded to wreak havoc on the hostiles. He defeated an entire Cerberus unit alone and disappeared, never to be seen again.
He is remembered as Mordus. Many soldiers still engrave that name on their Venom Shotguns today in respect of the creator of such a power.

Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Jade vs Cerberus
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: Salarian Infiltrator with Scorpion Pistol and/or Venom Shotgun
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (reflective of the true Mordus): Salarian Engineer with Venom Shotgun only
Note: Special thanks to collaborative efforts from Max Dmian for showing interest in this challenge idea (a variation of one that I had originally made for the Community Challenge thread) and to Crimson Vanguard for the cover art that is sure to scare baby Krogans!

Week 7: Peak 15

Saren joined forces with the Matriarch Benezia early in his attempt to gain control of the geth. He acted as an independent investor, interested in research on Geth technology, and placed Benezia at the helm of the Peak 15 research facility, on Noveria. A number of Geth willingly pursued Saren as well, convinced of his motives. They were called Heretics and shunned by the remaining resistent Geth community.
However, the operation on Noveria was promptly interrupted by Commander Shepard. Benezia and the Geth Heretics were destroyed. That is, all but one Geth Juggernaut were destroyed. The sole Juggernaut remained behind, slowly repairing its neural networks and the damage it had sustained.
One crisp morning, the Juggernaut Heretic was born anew and was reconnected to the Geth network. It had no recollection of the reaper Sovereign. It is as if it had been re-written (thanks to the far-away actions of Legion and Shepard). The juggernaut now fully understood the reaper threat and resolved to re-join and fight alongside the Geth community even as a lone Geth, holding the line on the remote and frigid Noveria, in the Pax system.

Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase White vs Reaper with Geth Juggernaut Soldier
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: Geth Plasma Shotgun or Geth Spitfire, earn 5 waves survived medal
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (reflective of the true Juggernaut from ME1): Geth Pulse Rifle, earn 10 waves survived medal
Note: This challenge is for pizzaking666, who has been wanting a Juggy challenge since day 1

Bonus Armax Arena Special: Blasteroid

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first Armax Arena Special featuring none other than the record-holding volus, the current high-score holder, Mr. Barla Von! We have the reigning champion here right now to say a few words before tonight's special:
Mr. Von, How do you do it? Week after week, you continually top the leaderboard!"
Barla Von, "(Gasp) Most people think I (gasp) deal in fianance, but (gasp) my true currency is (gasp) knowledge."
"And there you have it folks, spoken by the legend himself. Mr Von will be performing the incredible, some might say suicidal Blasteroid Challenge this evening. He will be facing off against the daunting Collectors on a solo mission using the Volus Manufactured Elkoss Combine weapons, the M8- Avenger Assault rifle and the M4-Shuriken SMG.
Best of luck to you Mr. Von!"


Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Condor vs Collector
Character: Volus Mercenary Sentinel
Weapons: M8-Avenger Assault rifle and M4-Shuriken SMG (Both)
Note: This is a special edition challenge and a thank you to all soloists keeping this thread going (50 pages today!). The idea for an extra challenge started with a suggestion by HeroicMass.
Also, completion of The Armax Bonus Challenge will grant you the luxurious Armax Bonus Status Symbol (ß) in the Hall of Fame! This bonus challenge does not impact the completionist leaderboard, other than the Bonus symbol addition.

Week 8: The Shepard Clone's War Part 2 -- CAT6

Following the Shepard clone's harrowing escape from the migraine-inducing storms of Noveria, the angry and confused duplicate realized what was necessary to prove that he (or she) was in fact the superior Shepard, the "real" Shepard. The clone saw no alternative in his (her) disturbed mind but to destroy the original. He (or she) would need a squad.
The clone had heard whispers, in the the facility on Noveria, of CAT6, a private military corporation that takes its name from "Category 6" (the term used for soldiers who are dishonorably discharged from the Systems Alliance). CAT6 members were known to have extensive criminal records and histories of steroid abuse. They would make the perfect squad for the clone's mission against Shepard, they wouldn't ask questions.
Rumors hinted at the CAT6 base of operations being located hidden in the slums of Benning, an important staging area for starship maintenance and repair, and a haven for criminals and mercenaries.
Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Ghost Hazard vs Cerberus
Casual/Hardcore/Epic (Shepard clone tracking CAT6): Vanilla Human Male/Female Vanguard with M-11 Wraith Shotgun
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (CAT6 Sentinel leaving Benning, contracted to work for the Clone):  Vanilla Human Male/Female Sentinel with M99-Saber Assault rifle and/or M9-Tempest SMG, earn 4 personal gold medals. (Killstreaks included)

Week 9: Does This Unit Have A Soul?

Following Commander Shepard's destruction of the Reaper Sovereign, otherwise known to the Geth Heretics as Nazara, the Geth dispatched a new unit to better understand the destroyer of The "Old Machine", Nazara.
The unit is described as a unique geth mobile platform, designed to operate outside the Perseus Veil and interact with organics. To that purpose, it houses 1,183 geth programs, as opposed to the roughly one hundred found in other platforms, enabling it to operate independently and speak. Legion, as the unit later becomes known as, retraced Shepard's steps on Virmire, Ilos, Noveria and Feros before finding the Normandy's crash site on the planet Alchera and salvaging a piece of Shepard's N7 armor.
Legion would, much to its surprise, first encounter Shepard alive on a search for the IFF (Identify Friend/Foe) on a derelict Reaper. Legion would assist the team in fighting abominations and would eventually join Shepard's fight against the Collectors, proving to be friend not foe.
Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Giant Hazard vs Collector
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: Geth Infiltrator with Javelin
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (Most representative of the unique Legion): Geth Engineer with M98-Widow, earn 5 waves survived medal


Note: Legion has Combat Drone and AI hacking which, while not exact, is most closely mirrored by the Geth Engineer with Geth Turret and Overload.
NB. For PS3 players who experience frame drops and freezes, this challenge can be completed on the Non-Hazard map. For xbox and PC, non-hazard runs will be accepted if a hazard map completion has been performed (that includes either Insanity or hardcore difficulty). Thanks!

Bonus 10th Week Anniversary Special – The Heart of Hydra

Sixteen years ago, humans colonized the habitable, although uncomfortable, world of Ontarom, in the Kepler Verge. The planet’s moon, Thonal, is in a decaying orbit, causing tidal disruptions and electrical storms and will eventually collide into the planet. The Asari initially considered the humans foolish in this endeavor. The humans, however, have since developed an impressive, advanced quantum satellite communication hub, crucial to the Alliance. In doing so, they have also earned some respect from the Asari.
The ruins of an abandoned Quarian colony were also taken over by the humans who settled on Ontarom. The colony was transformed into a massive dam facility (Firebase Hydra) that powers the communication hub on Ontarom (Firebase Dagger) and the entire kinetic barrier which protects it. Without this facility, the essential communications hub would go silent.
The records don’t tell of an incident in the early transformation of the colony. An incident revealing exactly why the Quarian colony was abandoned.
The colony had been under Geth attack. In our rummaging through recovered Quarian artifacts, humans accidently activated a Geth distress beacon, inciting an intense, albeit brief attack from a nearby Geth unit. One human female infiltrator assigned as protection detail for the scientists and engineers heroically disarmed the entire unit, saving countless lives and ensuring the survival of the colony.
Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Hydra vs Geth, Flawlessly. That is: no missiles, ops packs, medigels or thermal clips used in game, 10 waves survived required. (you can use equipment and gear on initial loadout screen)
Character: Human female infiltrator
Weapons: M92-Mantis and M7-Lancer (both)
Note: This is a 10th week aniversary bonus challenge for all dedicated soloists and for INVADERONE, who inspired the flawless requirement for this one and who has been supporting this thread on his channel.
Warning: This challenge is not for the faint of heart! (pun intended) The flawless requirement emulates a time when ammo and equipment was a rarity and infiltrators didn’t carry missile launchers on their backs.
Also, this challenge does not count towards the completionist board. For those without vid, it’s going to have to be based on an honor system. Since it’s a bonus challenge, that’s ok.

Week 10: Rise of the Phoenix

A result of the Illusive Man's early experiments in enhanced human physiology, Project Phoenix subjects are highly skilled combat and biotic specialists. However, when the Illusive Man turned to indoctrination in order to ensure the loyalty of his troops, many Phoenix operatives defected and joined the Alliance in order to stop the Reapers.
Following defection and a difficult escape from Cerberus, one of the Illusive Man’s prodigy adepts was having his biotic implants repaired and further upgraded at the Huerta Memorial Hospital when the Reapers hit. At dawn, the health care team returned to check the biotic’s vitals and the pheonix was gone. Minutes later, his location was understood…
Casual/Hardcore/Legendary (A difficult escape, reminiscent of Randall Ezno, from Mass Effect Infiltrator): Full Extraction with Pheonix Adept/Vanguard (smash not spec'd) with Cerberus Harrier vs Cerberus on Firebase Dagger.     
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (Following defection and the adept’s new Huerta upgrades): Full Extraction with Pheonix Adept only (smash allowed) with M-358 Talon and M-25 Hornet (both) on Firebase Vancouver vs Reaper. Earn 4 gold medals (killstreaks included) and 3 waves survived.
Note: This one goes out to Zyzimorph and MasterReefa - THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP

Week 11: This Hurts You

In the previous cycle, towards the end of the harvest of the Protheans, the Reapers created the Collectors through genetic manipulation and implantation of cybernetics of the captured Protheans. They were able to create a subservient race that they could use and control remotely to further their cause.
In arguably the darkest hour of Prothean history, a final plan to place one million Protheans in stasis pods to ensure the survival of the species was foiled when indoctrination agents alerted the Reapers of the plan. The Reapers sent their newly created Collectors to wipe out the remaining Protheans. All but one Prothean, Javik, were destroyed.
The Leviathans are an ancient aquatic race that dominated the Galaxy before the Reapers. The Reapers were in-fact designed after this superior race. The Leviathans possess the ability to control weaker minds and exert control over organic beings, akin to indoctrination. As such, they were able to sever the control links of some of the collectors and free them. While most die in the process, some survive as Awakened Collectors and fight the Reapers in honor of their Prothean Ancestors.
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: Full Extraction on Firebase Glacier Hazard vs Collector with the Awakened Collector Adept equipped with the Prothean Particle Rifle
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (Defend Leviathan): Full Extraction on Firebase Hydra vs Reaper with the Awakened Collector Adept and the Collector Assault Rifle and Collector SMG (both), earn 5 waves survived and 10 melee kills
Note: In the Leviathan DLC, Shepard and his crew are led to the planet 2181 Despoina in search of Leviathan. Firebase Hydra is most reminiscent of this aquatic world. Also, special thanks to Krauser for showing interest in an awakened collector challenge and coming up with some great ideas. This challenge is an incorporation of some of those with some of the story.

Week 12: From The Shadows of The Villa

Meanwhile, on Earth, the Reapers have discovered the Alliance's Interplanetary Combatives Training facility in Rio and have mounted a direct assault of the facility. The base is more vunerable than usual with the ongoing, overwhelming and multifocal Reaper Attacks. The N7 elite and N6 trainees are mostly deployed in London and Vancouver. Defense of this crucial facility now depends on battle worn soldiers recuperating at the base medical facility and trainees not yet ready for battle.
However, the Alliance has been working on a new, classified category of soldier, the N7 Shadow. N7 Shadow Infiltrator operatives were initially created and trained in response to inside information on Cerberus Phantom Elite Operatives. Shadow infiltrators use implants to dramatically improve agility and are armed with menacing mono-molecular blades and years of rigourous training. They will be put to combat for the first time in a most dramatic fashion, out of dire necessity, to defend the Villa in Rio.
Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Rio vs Reaper with the N7 Shadow Infiltrator
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: N7 Hurricane and/or N7 Valiant
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary: N7 Eagle, earn 5 personal gold medals (Killstreaks included)
Note: I forgot to mention, this one goes out to kaxas92.
Have fun!

Week 13: Retake Omega Chronicles, Part 1 - I Am Omega!

Aria T'Loak is the Pirate Queen, and ruler of Omega. She is a powerful biotic who is fiercly possessive of her space station and will do anything to maintain her dominance. The three major active gangs on Omega, The Bloodpack, The Eclipse and The Blue Suns, know better than to cross Aria. Cerberus, on the other hand, has other plans.
Cerberus tricks Aria into thinking Omega is under attack by a new line of husks called Adjutants. At the same time, The Elbrus, a Cerberus ship captained by the intelligent and tactical General Oleg Petrovsky arrives offering assistance. The captain lures Aria into leaving Omega to attack the Adjutants at the source. They manage to then take her captive aboard the Elbrus while Cerberus sucessfully takes control of Omega.
Aria is able to escape and return to Omega. However, Petrovsky threatens that a cerberus ship is ready to destroy Omega should she not concede defeat. Not willing to risk destruction of her Empire, Aria heads for the Citadel, vowing to return and retake Omega.
While she strategizes her major retaliation, Aria exacts a little revenge on her way to the Citadel...


Casual/Hardcore/Epic: Full Extraction vs Cerberus on Firebase Glacier with Asari Justicar Adept equipped with M22-Eviscerator and/or Blood Pack Punisher SMG
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary: Full Extraction vs Cerberus on Firebase Ghost with Asari Justicar Adept equipped with M22-Eviscerator and Blood Pack Punisher SMG (both), earn 3 personal gold Medals (one must be 5 grabs), and 25 melee kills.
Note: Aria's weapon proficiencies are Shotguns and SMGs, her abilities are Flare, Reave, Carnage and Lash. Unfortunately, there is no flare in multiplayer and nothing really that close to her unique abilities. We'll have to settle for heavy melee as Flare and the Asari Justicar with Reave (plus the Justicar is just fun).
NB. You can also change the appearance to reflect Aria, for extra Awesomeness. smilie

Bonus Appreciation Special - I Am Pure Krogan; You Should Be In Awe!

Grunt, a Korgan Berserker is a genetically engineered "pure krogan" bred in a tank by Okeer on the planet Korlus to be a superior physiological specimen bred for battle. Okeer made surviving the genophage his obsession and even sacrificed his own life for his creation.
Grunt lacks an upbringing and sense of honor and is initially highly unpredictable and dangerous though undeniably powerful. He undergoes a Krogan rite of passage on Tuchanka with Shepard at his side, proving his worth as a Krogan and his dedication to Shepard's "clan". He will later acquire the command of Aralakh Company and fight honorably for the Krogan and for all species, against the Reapers.
Conditions: Full extraction on Firebase Giant vs Reaper, Flawlessly (No D-pad consumables used in game, 10 waves survived!)
Character: Krogan Soldier
Weapon: M300-Claymore
Note: This challenge is for bgsam1990 who wanted to see a krogan challenge. smilie I agreed fully, we needed moar krogan and moar claymoar! To make a krogan giant challenge somewhat difficult, it had to be a flawless challenge. (NB. This challenge as the other bonus challenges, doesn't count towards the completionist board.)
Enjoy and thanks to everybody who participates in these weekly challenges! Also, special thanks to Max Dmian and the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. group for using these challenges as part of their group challenges.

Week 14: The League of One

The Special Task Group (STG) is a Salarian espionage organization typically sanctioned by the council. Their modus operandi is to perform dangerous missions as independant cells. They are typically called on for counterterrorism, reconnaissance, assassination, infiltration and sabotage. One advantage of the STG, is that they attract less attention than the more prominent SPECTRES. They focus heavily on the tactics, and can be brutally practical as well as highly flexible and adaptable.
The League of One was a predecessor Salarian intelligence organization in place when the Salarians first discovered the Citadel. They were trained in espionage and assassination and were never more than 12 strong. Only certain powerful individuals were privy to the identity of these individuals. A small medallion given at the time of induction was their only evidence of group membership.
In order to appease the Asari, the Salarian's new allies in the formation of the Citadel Council, the Salarian Union exposed all the League of One's documentation. The STG was exposed and at risk. The team suddenly disappeared completely. Most assumed it was a lie to cover up their identities, however several months later, the inner cabinet was murdered.
The STG dispatched a team of 10 hunters to track down the Rogue League of One. Only 2 returned, they reported no evidence of the League. Their hunt led them to many locations around the galaxy, including Noveria. The group was also equipped with radical, new, extremely rare and explosively effective weaponry in their hunt. They knew they might run into Geth.
Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase White vs Geth
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: Salarian Infiltrator with M98-Indra or the N7-Piranha (More radical, brutal approach, see note)
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary: Salarian Engineer with M37-Falcon (A new weapon design similar to the Salarian scorpion but more effective, a later modified version would become a common Alliance weapon.)
Note: I put the N7- Piranha option as a fun aggressive play style option mainly because the character Tazzik, a Salarian Assassin in the mass effect comics is seen sporting an M100- grenade launcher which looks a lot like the later designed Piranha. We can just say this was an early prototype after which the Piranha was designed.
Also, this challenge is for DHKany, who wanted to see a FBW geth, early-days style of challenge. Thanks for your interest!
Have fun!

Week 15: Haestrom, Thermonuclear

The former Quarian colony of Haestrom, in the far rim, was established to observe the Dholen phenomenon, the system's parent star's course towards becoming a Red Giant, a star that has exhausted its supply of hydrogen and resorts to thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen in a shell surrounding the core.
Haestrom was lost to the Geth in 1896 CE. Soon afterwards, all communication from the planet and its attendant space stations ceased.
Tali is interested in collecting invaluable research data from the planet in a daring mission into Geth territory. A squad of the Migrant Fleet's marines is assigned as her protection detail. Upon their arrival to Haestrom, the Quarians are attacked by Geth. The squad is completely wiped out, except for Kal'Reegar. Both Quarians will fight valiantly until commander Shepard happens to discover them and offer a little back up as well. This is the Quarians' fight.
Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Giant vs Geth
Casual/Hardcore/Epic (As Kal'Reegar): Quarian Marksman with Arc Pistol or Adas Anti-Synthetic Assault Rifle and Reegar Carbine (Must equip 2, including Reegar), earn 5 waves survived medal. Note: Mission success is required but extraction is not required, you determine Kal's fate.
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (As Tali'Zorah nar Rayya): Female Quarian Engineer with Arc Pistol only, earn 20 headshots medal and 10 Waves Survived.
Note: I've always felt that Firebase Giant looked a lot like Haestrom. Let it be the setting of our re-imagined Haestrom battle. Also, Tali has combat drone, AI hacking and Energy drain which differs from the quarian engineer significantly. She is a crafty engineer however, and she may very well have developed these new abilities along the way
Note: This challenge is for all those arc pistol fans out there, especially Hendrix, Max Dmian, kaxas and Kocka
Have fun!

Bonus 100-Page-Milestone Challenge: Bring Down The Sky

Ka'hairal Balak is the leader of a batarian terrorist group that raided Asteroid X57 in 2183. Unlike the other batarians, who only planned to make a quick slave grab, Balak was on a grandiose mission to crash Asteroid X57 into the human colony of Terra Nova.
Balak rigged the fusion torches propelling the asteroid, to execute burns that would place it in a collision course with Terra Nova. Afterwards, Shepard lands in the Mako and begins reversing the process, before finally confronting Balak and his team.
In this bonus challenge, you are Balak, eliminating all humans in his path, in an attempt to derail Asteroid X57 into the human colony of Terra Nova, a move that would inflict mass devastation and death on the human species. This is a grim twist of the mass effect tale; what might have happened had Shepard not stopped him.
Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Condor vs Cerberus
Character: Batarian Soldier (Ka'Hairal Balak)
Weapons: M15-Vindicator and M13-Raptor (both), must equip Assault Rifle omni-blade. Earn 50 melee kills and 5 waves survived.
Note: The M13-Raptor is made by Batarian State Arms and would later be assigned to Cerberus Nemesis units.
Also, 100 Pages! Awesome. Here's a rather difficult solo challenge. I made it a bonus, so that it doesn't count towards the completionist board. (Yes, it's against Cerberus :s) I've had it in mind for a while, and I thought now was a great opportunity to continue with the Batarian Theme

Week 16: The Gozu District

The Gozu District is a residential area on one of the lower levels of Omega. This district has been historically controlled by the Blue Suns, one of the mercenary organizations of Omega that keep the residents in line as well as safe from oposing gangs.
The Blue Suns have a reputation of being discreet and ruthlessly efficient. Blue Suns mercenaries often have a tattoo of a blue sun somewhere on their body. During high-risk jobs, the tattoo is removed with an acid wash to prevent them being identified, then reapplied once the job is complete.
When the Collector-spawned plague struck the slums, the Blue Suns' non-human members began to succumb and lose their strength, giving the vorcha (who were immune to the plague) an opportunity to take control.The Suns were thus forced into combat with the vorcha and krogan Blood Pack warriors; this fight, along with the plague, depleted their numbers and eroded their control of the district.
One Blue Sun recruit, a Batarian Slaver with powerful biotic ability, witnessed the Collectors disseminating the virus and proceeded to eliminate the threat in a vicious and savage defense of The Gozu District. Unfortunately, no one believed him...
Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Ghost vs Collector
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: Batarian Slasher Adept with AT-12 Raider shotgun and M15-Vindicator (Both), must equip shotgun blade attachment and Assault rifle omni-blade. (See Note)
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary: Batarian Sentinel with Kishock Harpoon gun and/or M15 Vindicator (equipped with Assault rifle omni blade), earn 4 gold medals and 3 waves survived.
Note: Elanus Risk Control is the maker of the M15 Vindicator, a gun favored by Assassins and Elite mercenaries, and made specifically for the Blue Suns. Batarian state arms are the makers of the vicious shotgun blade attachment and assault rifle omni blade.
Also, This challenge is done by request for some Batarian action! Also, special thanks to DHKAny for sending some ideas my way. I really enjoyed coming up with this one, the Batarians and Blue Suns have such great storylines.

Week 17: I Will Destroy You!

Jack was abducted by Cerberus operatives from Eden Prime at the age of four. Cerberus' motives pertained to her newly discovered biotic potential, a result of accidental exposure to element zero in the womb. As a cover for her abduction, her mother was told that she had died due to complications of her eezo exposure.
After initial tests, Jack became the prime subject of a sizable Cerberus experiment on Pragia's Teltin facility, with the goal of enhancing biotic potential in humans, regardless of the cost. Referred to as Subject Zero, Jack was the core of the project, with every successful biotic enhancement applied to her. Any enhancements that proved lethal to other children were not applied to Jack.
She was also tortured frequently, both psychologically and physically, in various experiments to test how pain and distress affected her biotic abilities. As she grew in both age and hatred for her captors, her powers advanced to such a great level that she became a serious threat to the staff and the facility.
The tortures of Jack's time as Subject Zero and her subsequent life experiences have rendered her a borderline psychopath, with an unpredictably violent nature and a severely antisocial personality. Yet underneath all of this, she is still frightened and tormented by memories of her past and longs for some kind of closure. She joins Shepard's team in exchange for Cerberus files detailing her experimentation at Teltin.
Conditions: Full Extraction required. For this challenge, you are limited to only Power Amplifier Modules and Warp ammo for consumables (Weapon Consumable choice is up to you) and Mental Focuser as equipment. Also, must spec into shockwave (This is Jack, remember, one sick, powerful biotic!)
Casual/Hardcore/Epic (Fight for Earth!): Full Extraction vs Reapers on Firebase London with the Female Human Adept using the M5-Phalanx and/or M27-Scimitar.
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (Escape the Teltin facility on Pragia): Full Extraction vs Cerberus on Firebase Reactor/Reactor Hazard with the Female Human Adept using the M5-Phalanx and/or M27-Scimitar, earn 3 waves survived medal, 50 biotic kills.
Note: Jack's proficiencies are shockwave, pull and warp ammo with heavy pistol and shotgun weapon ability, in ME2. I thought it'd be fun to really max out the biotic potential on a human adept in multiplayer, much like Jack's abilities in the single player. Also, Firebase Reactor isn't on Pragia, but it's the most rugged of the Firebases, and I felt that it fit Jack well. (Maybe there was a reactor in the Teltin facility).
Enjoy the biotic explosions!

Week 18: The Savagery of Heshtok

The Vorcha originate from the resource-depleted, overcrowded, hellish planet Heshtok. They are the among the shortest-lived sapient species, with life-spans averaging 20 years, and they possess a unique physiology with extremely aggressive tendencies. Their savage nature and regenerative abilities make them extremely adaptable and resilient. They typically live in the dark, dangerous corners of the galaxy, like Omega, and are considered scavengers and pests by many.
Certain Vorcha, however, have had the opportunity to be elevated from their lowly societal positions. On Omega, the Krogan Blood Pack have hired and trained Vorcha as Mercenaries. Fully taking advantage of their regenerative abilities and outright savagery. While a few greedy Vorcha were involved in colluding with the Collectors to spread the virus on Omega, many remained loyal to the Pack and to Heshtok. They were thus able to forewarn their homeworld and to assist  in the brutal defense against the Collectors.
Similarly, certain privileged Vorcha were adopted by the Asari shortly after their discovery long ago. They were brought up on the Asari Mining planet of Parasc, trained and educated. They became somewhat famous, demonstrating that the Vorcha tendency to use violence to communicate was not completely intrinsic. The descendants of these Vorcha returned to Heshtok to battle the Reaper Invasion. 
Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Dagger Hazard
Casual/Hardcore/Epic (As a Blood Pack Mercenary): Vorcha Soldier versus Collectors, Equipped with Executioner Pistol and Blood Pack Punisher
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (As en engineer from Parasc): Vorcha Hunter Engineer versus Reapers, equipped with Executioner Pistol and Blood Pack Punisher (Both) or Disciple Shotgun only, earn 5 gold medals.
Note: It has been said that you can make your own Heshtok by "Taking Hell, and then adding Vorcha". Firebase Dagger Hazard isn't on Heshtok, but the planet is resource-depleted and has regular bursts of toxic volcanic gases, similar to the Hazard map.
This Challenge goes out to bgsam1990 who wanted a blood pack Vorcha Hunter challenge, (not against Cerberus!) and who had some great ideas for the storyline to which I mixed in some of my own and tried to make it all jive with the lore. This also goes out to cato_84 who had wanted to see a Vorcha challenge a couple weeks back.

Week 19: Retake Omega Chronicles, Part 2 - Jessie, My Love

Following her exile from Omega, Aria continues to plot her revenge and the retaking of her kingdom. She needs a highly trained mercenary to infiltrate a Cerberus operation and gain intel on this Petrovsky character ruining her day. She will have Omega once more.
Aria contacts her longtime friend, the original talon merc and co-founder of the Blue Suns, as well as the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, Zaeed Massani. The Talon mercs are the best at what they do and any merc trained under the legendary Zaeed will be lethal and unstoppable.
Zaeed is contracted to work alongside Shepard in the fight against the Reapers but sends one of the best talon mercs he knows for the job. These newer trainees have been manipulating incredibly powerful new advances in Cain trip mine technology. Zaeed has heard of their incredible power but refuses to use them. After all, nothing beats having Jessie by your side in a fight.
Conditions: Full Extraction Required
Casual/Hardcore/Epic (As Talon Merc trained by the Blue Suns): Talon Merc Engineer vs Cerberus on Firebase Reactor with M7-Lancer and M29-Incisor (Both). Cain trip mines permitted
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (As Zaeed Massani): Talon Merc Engineer without Cain Trip Mines Spec'd vs Reapers on Firebase Goddess with M7-Lancer or M8-Avenger and/or M29-Incisor, must equip disruptor ammo, earn 4 gold medals, and three waves survived.

Note: Zaeed Massani's weapon proficiencies were with Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles. He also has disruptor ammo and grenades (the latter which we do not have). His longtime love, Jessie, was an older version of the M8-Avenger.

The M29-Incisor was initially designed to penetrate strong shield defences. Aria thought that might be particularly helpful in her retaking of Omega.

This Challenge goes out to shards7, with whom I had discussed ideas for the talon merc challenge and who originally suggested the tripless talon. Thank you also to Crimson Vanguard who suggested a title and challenge that coincided well with what I wanted to do. I combined them all together for this week's challenge.


Bonus Challenge: Antiphase

**In keeping with the bonus challenges, this one is difficult!**
Kai Leng was an assassin. He was methodical, discreet and ruthless. The illusive man hired him for all those reasons and plus, they had similar ideals. Leng would not be pushed around by any other species out there. Humanity has to show that they mean business and that they are the dominant species in the galaxy. Whoever else didn’t see that was being naïve.
The Illusive man had hired Leng straight from Alliance prison, where he had served a 20 year sentence (and had been dishonorably discharged from his N7 rank) for murdering a Krogan in a bar. Served him right though; he didn’t think a sword could hurt a Krogan with a Katana. He didn’t see the irony either. Leng has been working for the Illusive man for 10 years since.
He had just received his next operation from his boss. He was to investigate Virmire. Apparently Commander Shepard had been there recently and the Illusive man had been tracking him for some time. He suspected Geth presence on Virmire. Leng hadn't encountered these mythical Geth people were talking about. This could be some good combat practice.
Rasa wanted him to test out her new favorite shotgun while he was at it. Said it was great for “Head popping”. Nothing beats the slice of a sword, but he’ll give it a shot.
Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Jade vs Geth; Earn 5 personal gold medals, and 25 melee kills. (Killstreaks and waves survived count as personal gold medals although Gold completion and full extraction do not)
Character: N7 Slayer Vanguard

Weapons: N7 Crusader Shotgun
Note: Leng’s powers are shockwave, cloak and electric slash along with his fancy phantom hand cannon. This is a mix of the N7 Shadow and the N7 Slayer in ME3 MP(Each have two of his abilities.) I like the vanguard class better for him since it’s all about phase disruptor and the sword.
Also, Firebase Jade isn't on Virmire, but the paradise that is Sur'Kesh is definitely the closest we have!
This challenge goes out to DHKAny who won the bonus challenge trivia question and who wanted a slayer challenge. It also goes out to MasterReefa who wanted a Crusader challenge.

Week 20: Garrus' Calibrations Part 1 - C-Sec

Garrus Vakarian, like most Turians, was born into the regimented and renowned Turian miltary. He was military trained by the age of 15 and is, as a result, a Turian of strong moral principle. He will follow in his father's footsteps and joins Citadel Security Services, a volunteer police service headed by the Citadel Council, otherwise known as C-Sec.

Under suspicion that Saren, the Council's topmost Spectre, had gone rogue, Garrus was assigned to Investigate the agent's actions. Garrus repeatedly faces set-backs, however, being forced to go "by the book" by his superiors. This is a serious dilemma when investigating a Spectre with authority to act outside the rules.

When the case is closed without substantial evidence, Garrus decides to pursue alternate leads and continue his own investigation while working with Commander Shepard. Garrus and Shepard's paths align in their pursuit of Saren. They also form one of the strongest bonds in the series and will go on to fight together no matter the foe!
Conditions: Full Extaction vs Geth on Firebase Hydra
Casual/Hardcore/Epic: Turian Saboteur Engineer with M7-Lancer
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary: Turian Soldier with M8-Avenger and M92- Mantis (both), must earn 20 headshots before 25 kills and 5 waves survived.
Note: In Mass Effect 1, Garrus' skills are decryption, dampening and electronics which resonates well with the Saboteur Engineer. He later earns sniper proficiency at a higher level, which coincides with the insanity difficulty. Future challenges in the series will feature different weapon combinations and kits. Different Calibrations you might say...
Special thanks to Sullysgam3rtag for coming up with an elaborate challenge idea for Garrus. I combined some of those ideas with some of my own and will extend these into a Garrus Series. This challenge also goes out to avenging_teabag who wanted a Garrus challenge a while back 

Week 21: Monster Mash Special - Blood Rage!

Warlord Okeer was a very old, very powerful and ruthless Krogan. He was a warrior of the Rebellion, a true monster of combat.

He became fanatical after the genophage and was turned away by his own people. He believed that the true devastation of the genophage lay not in the drastically reduced numbers of Krogan produced, but in the loss of the Darwinistic natural selection of the Krogan breeding process. The survival of the weak and their integration into Krogan society was his proof.

Okeer believed that the Krogan were becoming weaker with every generation, now merely shadows of the might of the Krogan of old, the Krogan of the Rebellion. He knew that an army of equal or greater strength to that of the Krogan Rebellion would bring the Galaxy to its knees. He began to work on recreating these monsters in his lab...
Conditions: Full Extraction with the Krogan Warlord Sentinel
Casual/Hardcore/Epic (Geth out of my lab!): vs Geth on Firebase Glacier, with Striker Assault Rifle (omni-blade attachment required), 3 waves survived, 50 melee kills required.
Veteran/Insanity/Legendary (Blood Rage! For Tuchanka!): vs Collectors on Firebase Giant Hazard, with Graal Spike thrower (omni-blade attachment required), 5 waves survived, 50 melee kills and 75 shotgun kills required

Special thanks to C73M Krauser who came up with this great challenge idea. I thought it fit great with Okeer's story and with Halloween 

Spike or Treat! 

Bonus 25k Views Challenge: Mind Over Matter

Kaidan Alenko is a human sentinel and a Systems Alliance marine. He was part of the original Normandy crew and a great asset to the team. Moreover, he became one of Shepard's most powerful friends and allies. He was equipped with the controversial L2 biotic implants. These implants were known to cause severe neurologic impairment to the user, but were used immorally nonetheless. Fortunately, Alenko only suffers minor symptoms from his implants comparatively, such as severe migraines.

Kaidan was a part of Shepard's mission versus the Collectors as well (if he survived Virmire). The devastating, graphic horrors that the Collectors inflicted on helpless humans resides in his mind, often triggering migraines and worsening his symptoms.

After escaping Vancouver at the onset of the Reaper attack on Earth, Shepard and his crew travel to Mars on a mission to uncover Prothean data. Here, they encounter the Cerberus construct known as Eva Core, which would be later occupied by EDI. Eva is vicious and highly dangerous. Alenko finds this out first-hand and is severely wounded in the ensuing combat. He is brought to Huerta Memorial Hospital to begin a long and painful recovery.

While the primary focus is his physical recovery, some of the mental wounds start to heal as well. These will take much longer. Kaidan is still afflicted emotionally by his past torments.


Conditions: Full Extraction on Firebase Vancouver vs Collector, earn 5 waves survived and 4 personal medals. Must have at least a bronze medal in both Assault rifle and Pistol kills. (both). Incendiary ammo not permitted
Character: Human Male Sentinel
Weapons: M77-Paladin and M8 -Avenger

Note: Alenko in ME3 has Reave, Cryoblast, Barrier and Overload. These are not exactly identical to the human sentinel, but similar enough to his Warp, Barrier. Kaiden also had throw in earlier mass effect editions. So the Human sentinel is still the best fit.

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