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Loose guidelines for content creators

  • Anchor menus should be pinned to the top-right corner (in pin settings) with horizontal offset of 50 and vertical offset of 230. This ensures they will never clip with the header. In design, set the text theme to 'Paragraph 3' which has been updated to have the same font as the site main menu. Set the height (vertical spacing between items) by eye so that it at least reaches the middle of the page (or whatever looks good). Leave the width alone, unless there are some very wide items in the list that might clip with the content in the central part. In that case, drag the left border of the menu till it hits the guides for the central part (that corresponds to width of 287). Don't rename or remove the 'Top of Page' anchor.

  • All content should be 660 wide and start at x = 160. Goes for lists, titles, text, anything in the center column of the site - except small images, such as what you might copy from BSN Prime. These should be left-aligned.

  • Use the “Large Heading” style for the page title. Position the title at x=160 and y=230. Use “Basic Heading”, “Small Heading” and “Paragraph 1” for other title-like elements.

  • You should rarely (ideally never) need to format titles and other outstanding text elements on your own (like change font size to create custom subtitles). Use the most appropriate style from the Themes list instead. Why this is important: every instance of custom-formatted text can only be re-formatted by actually changing that instance of text. Whereas if the text has one of the named styles (say, “Small Heading”), and at some point we decide that all small headings on the site should be blue, we only need change the definition of that style once and it’ll get automatically applied to all instances of small heading on the whole site. This is very important for future maintenance.

  • Formatting is fine within text blocks (for example, it’s ok to make a word italic or bold for emphasis inside a paragraph; I regularly make the Conditions of challenges bold).

  • To achieve good and consistent vertical spacing (without, like, doing calculations), do as follows:

    • When you drag an item around, it shows a small dark tooltip on its upper left edge that tells you the current position; I’ll call it tooltip.

    • Drag the item upwards or downwards until the top of the tooltip touches the bottom of whatever item is above the thing you’re moving (for example, the page header).

    • Snap to guides is on by default, so it shouldn’t be hard to maintain horizontal alignment while doing this. Alternatively, reset the x coordinate of the item to 160 when you’re happy with the y coordinate.

  • Do upload pictures to the media library. Make a folder for whatever challenge set you’re working on, and put all related pictures there. Maybe yall are already doing that, but I only see my own uploads in the media library (which might be a feature of the site, wouldn’t know). Use these uploaded pictures in your pages rather than links to outside sources.

  • When making lists, the “Duplicate” thing in the main “Add & Manage Items” menu is priceless. When you just “Add Item” it will be appended to the beginning of the list and have everything set to defaults (like the button text). If you “Duplicate” the last item in the list instead, it’ll be appended to the end of the list (which is probably what you want), and it’ll inherit all the settings from the original.

  • When making a new list, its title font will be dark gray by default and therefore invisible on the dark gray background. To fix this, go to list “Design” then “Customize Design” then “Customize” on the Title (the button only appears when you hover over Title). Set the Theme to “Basic Heading”.

  • I believe lists are the best container for both the challenges and the halls of fame. What makes a unit that best fits one list item depends on the content. Sometimes every challenge has its text and picture and it belongs in an item of its own. Sometimes whole groups of challenges can be placed inside one item (like, solo, duo, trio, full-team challenges). Buttons can be used to interconnect the challenge groups to appropriate anchors in the corresponding hall of fame.

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